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An average Indian kitchen is usually overflowing with spices. They form an essential backbone of nearly all dishes in many Indian cuisines without which the meal is incomplete and even incomprehensible. But many of the spices that we usually consume are not just there for their flavour; besides making your food taste better, they also make you a healthier person.

Cumin or jeera is one such spice that is found in a lot of Indian dishes and curries. High Quality Organic Cumin is available in the form of seeds or as a powder and in both the forms, has the ability to leave a lasting positive impact on your health. To understand the value of cumin, here is a list of the amazing health benefits it can provide :-

  1. Provides a good dose of iron to your body

Cumin is an extremely rich source of iron, a mineral that your body needs very dearly. The iron that you gain from eating cumin helps in improving the oxygen levels in the blood as it is an essential component of haemoglobin, the oxygen carrying molecules in the blood stream. Iron from cumin is also useful for improving the immunity of the body, especially in growing children and pregnant women.

The high quantity of iron in cumin also helps to prevent anaemia and the fatigue and anxiety that accompany it.

  1. It cleans up the respiratory tract

Cumin is quite useful in maintaining the health of the respiratory tract. Cumin works as an expectorant, which means that it dislodges mucous and phlegm that gets collected in the respiratory tract due to several illnesses. Once the mucous and phlegm have been dislodged, it is easier for us to remove them from our system through sneezing or coughing; cumin therefore ensures that our respiratory tract remains clean and also discourages the formation of more mucous and phlegm.

  1. Is capable of preventing cancer

Cumin also has the capability to prevent cancer, as has been demonstrated by a variety of animal-based studies. It carries a healthy amount of vitamins like vitamin A and C which have anti-oxidative properties. This helps the body to stay clear of damaging free radicals which are one of the major causes of cancer.

Cumin also promotes the secretion of certain enzymes in the liver which have a very strong detoxifying effect on the body and lends more strength to the anti-carcinogenic title held by cumin.

According to lab studies, cumin’s anti-cancer properties have the greatest effect on stomach, liver and colon cancers.

  1. Is great for digestion

Cumin has wide-ranging effects on the digestive system, improving its efficiency and ridding it of several digestive disorders.

Firstly, cumin promotes the release of certain pancreatic enzymes which ensure that the digestive process goes on smoothly and that the nutrients from the food are properly absorbed and assimilated by the body.

Secondly, cumin also has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties due to the presence of compounds such as cuminaldehyde and pyrazines, which get rid of any infections that occur in the digestive tract, hence being useful in treating haemorrhoids.

In summation, cumin is a wonder spice for your digestive system – it ensures that the digestive tract functions properly and removes any signs of infection from it.

  1. Nursing mothers also need cumin

For pregnant mothers, cumin’s iron content is a great boon as mentioned above. But for nursing mothers, the uses of cumin don’t end there. Cumin contains a compound known as thymol, which not only helps to increase the amount of lactation but also makes it much less uncomfortable and easy for the new mother.

  1. Keeps the skin healthy

Due to high quantities of vitamin E and essential oils present in cumin, it is a spice that helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing. The vitamin content helps to reduce signs of aging by fighting off free radicals, while the essential oils prevent the occurrence of bacterial and fungal infections on the skin.

Cumin is worth its weight in gold given the amazing health benefits it provides. So the next time you enjoy a curry, you can rest in the knowledge that you’re availing so many of its great advantages!

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