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The amount and variety of foods we find around us today is mesmerizing. Especially when it comes to snacks, we see a number of foods from chocolate bars to potato chips filling up the shelves in the supermarkets. Unfortunately, most of these snacks are incredibly unhealthy for our bodies – usually, they are filled with unhealthy saturated fats and contain a number of preservatives that don’t have a healthy effect on the body. And considering the amount of such foods that children consume, it is particularly worrisome that we aren't doing much to feed them the right kind of snacks.

There are several healthy alternatives to such unhealthy snacks, one of them being pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are incredibly healthy, delicious and can satiate your need to munch on something during the day. So instead of munching on starch-filled potato chips, try to go for Organic Pumpkin Seeds which  will not only fill your belly, but also make you healthier.

It might sound strange that a snack can make you healthy, but this is the great thing about pumpkin seeds. They carry a host of nutritional benefits that can greatly improve your health. Here we list out a few of them...

  1. They keep the heart healthy

Pumpkin seeds are an incredibly rich source of magnesium, a mineral that is very important for the body from a nutritional perspective. They are so rich in magnesium that just a quarter-cup of pumpkin seeds can fulfil half of your daily requirement of magnesium.

The magnesium in pumpkin seeds does a world of good for the entire body including the synthesis of DNA and RNA and helping in bone and tooth formation, but its greatest influence is on the heart. Magnesium helps in the pumping of the heart and improves blood circulation. It also assists in the relaxation of blood vessels, lowers the blood pressure and greatly reduces the risk of a stroke or a cardiac arrest.

  1. They boost immunity to diseases

Another mineral that is found in pumpkin seeds in high amount is zinc – one ounce of pumpkin seeds contains more than 2 mg of zinc. By increasing the amount of zinc you consume, it is possible for you to boost your immunity and fight-off common infections like flu and colds. Also, zinc promotes cell growth and division in the body which means your body is more likely to succumb to diseases due to old age.

  1. They improve prostate health

Pumpkin seeds are even more useful for men as they help to support good prostate health. The zinc found in pumpkin seeds is essential in maintaining the proper functioning of the prostate glands. Moreover, pumpkin seeds can also lend a hand in reducing the harm from an enlarged prostate. Overall, pumpkin seeds are extremely important for a healthy prostate in men.

  1. They have anti-microbial benefits

Pumpkin seeds have a number of unique proteins that make it a great anti-microbial agent. One such class of proteins called Lignans is found in pumpkin seeds and has been shown to have anti-viral properties and can help in strengthening the body to fight off infections.

  1. They keep diabetes in check

Although the research on the effect of pumpkin seeds on diabetes is in preliminary stages, the results have so far been very encouraging. Studies on animals have shown that pumpkin seeds have the ability to improve the regulation of insulin in diabetic animals. Diabetic patients also sometimes suffer from kidney damage, something which pumpkin seeds have shown to prevent.

  1. They help in inducing a sound sleep

Sleeping well is very important for a healthy lifestyle and it turns out that pumpkin seeds can help in inducing a restful sleep. An amino acid found in pumpkin seeds known as Tryptophan gets converted in the body to serotonin, which then is turned into Melatonin, the sleep inducing hormone.

By consuming pumpkin seeds a few hours before sleeping, the production of Melatonin is increased, prompting the body to sleep more restfully. Therefore, when you wake up, you will be fully rejuvenated.

For a tiny snack, pumpkin seeds carry big benefits for your health. Try to instill a habit of snacking on pumpkin seeds instead of other processed snacks available in the market.

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