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Chana Dal

My mom is 45 years old and 2 years back she suffered from high blood pressure. She had severe headaches caused by her neck pain and backaches. Many of our friends and family suggested different remedies to help her out. I looked for some recipes that I can include in her diet to reduce her blood pressure. I found that whole Chana Dal has an incredible potential to reduce blood sugar and blood pressure. Chana Dal is rich in vitamin B that boosts energy levels of the body. Chana Dal is also a rich source of fiber, potassium and folic acid. The fiber reduces bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels to a bare minimum to prevent heart issues.

Urban Tree Organic Channa Dal (Pack Of 2)

I encouraged my mom to eat one serving of Organic Whole organic Chana Dal every day. I also added chana dal to the meals whenever I prepared gravy for rotis for six months and we noticed some improvements. Her backache was less frequent and then it gradually started to reduce until it never showed up. After six more months, her blood pressure was surprisingly reduced. The tests revealed that her blood pressure dropped further down from 140 to 120. Today she is much healthier and her doctor has reduced the daily dose of her medications and just the regular checkup for another year, to ensure that her blood pressure stays within the normal range.

Turn Organic Chana Dal 1 Kg

High blood pressure diet suggestions:

  • Along with the medications, it is important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet that helps you reduce high blood pressure.
  • You can start your day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • For breakfast, you can have a cup of warm oats porridge with fruits.
  • For your mid-morning snack, you can have a cup of grapes.
  • For lunch, you can have a cup of brown rice and mixed vegetable curry, raita and a banana.
  • In the evening, you can have a cup of your usual tea or green tea.
  • For dinner, have 2 organic whole wheat atta rotis with 1/2 cup of organic chana gravy or chole, mixed vegetable salad, and raita.
Ecolife Organic Chana Dal 500gm

    My mom’s high blood pressure was controlled back to normal, by including Organic Whole Chana Dal in her meals which has made her live a healthier lifestyle nowadays.

    Organic Tattva Organic Chana Dal 500gm


    About the author:

    Sudha Joshi is a lawyer living with her mother in Bhopal. She never forgets to shop at Joy By Nature for her monthly groceries. In the above article, she talks about her search for an ingredient that helped reduce her mom’s high blood pressure and provided wonderful results on her mom’s health in considerable amounts of time which otherwise would have been a tedious task on its own.


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      Even my mother is facing the same problem but I recently bought an organic Chana from BOFY. Is it better here or you can check there because of its organic products from BOFY. hence i bought w/o any thoughts.

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