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The nutty and mild fragrance of Flaxseed has made the world head over heels for this little seed. Why everyone is talking about Flaxseed from past couple of years? What are the hidden benefits which most of us do not know about flaxseed?

 Let’s explore everything about this wonderful plant product, Flaxseed!

 What exactly are Flaxseeds?

 Flaxseed is derived from a plant called Flax. The fibre obtained from this plant is used in linen industry and oil is extensively used in furniture making.

The seed however has manifold benefits for humankind. The nutty flavour of the seed makes it an excellent topping.


What is so wonderful about Flaxseed?


Do you know what Omega 3 is? It is a good fat which fights cholesterol in our body. Omega 3 is also found in walnuts and fish. The most wonderful aspect of Flaxseed is that it contains all nine essential amino acid which makes it a complete source of protein.


Flaxseeds also contain high fibre which is good for our gut. So now we know these tiny seeds are actually one big nutritious punch.


Let’s learn some hidden benefits of Flaxseeds


Skin problems:

  The most sensitive issue and the most sensitive organ for us is our Skin. Skin problems should be cured from its very first stage or else it can lead to serious consequences. Effect of flaxseeds on skin is wonderful. The seeds are anti inflammatory hence cures skin rashes, redness and inflammations.

Always keep a bottle of flaxseed oil in your dressing table, dab a few drops on cotton and apply all over your face gently in case of any ailment.


Treats Hypertension:

 High blood pressure leads to stroke and heart disease; this is the major concern today all over the globe. Flaxseed treats high blood pressure of Hypertension. The presence of Alpha Linolenic acid found in flaxseeds cures hypertension.


Reduces the cholesterol level:

 The effect of flaxseeds in controlling cholesterol is just wonderful. High cholesterol level leads to various ailments like heart problems, obesity and stroke. The intake of flaxseeds can reduce the risk of cholesterol.

 Cures Liver ailments:

 Liver controls more than 500 functions in our body that is why it is considered the strongest organ. The three major components of flaxseed Fibre, Omega-3 and Lignans strengthen liver.


Get rid of Diabetes:

 Diabetes is a very serious condition which is bothering the world today. Flaxseeds are known to cure diabetes, even the hereditary diabetes. Flaxseeds regulate the insulin level in our body.

 Works as an anti depressant

 Depression is the main cause of all health problems. The wonderful flaxseeds can cure depression too. Polyphenols present in flaxseeds along with Omega 3 acts as an antidepressant.


Cures kidney problems

 Polycystic kidney is a very serious problem. This condition is genetic in nature and results in formation of many cysts in kidney. The solution to this is dialysis or kidney transplant. Flaxseeds are known to preserve kidney functions due to the presence of ALA in flaxseeds.



Helps in weight control


Omega 3 fatty acids which are good fats found in high quantities in Flaxseeds helps us to lose weight. It fights cholesterol and thus helps us to lose weight.


Fights cancer


The flaxseeds resist the growth of cancerous cells in our body. Flaxseeds are known to prevent colon, breast and prostate cancer. The compound lignin found in flaxseeds stops the fresh blood supply to the new tumour growth.


Prevents osteoporosis


Post menopausal women are found to be more vulnerable to osteoporosis. The body looses essential minerals, calcium and bone density. Flaxseeds are known to resist demineralization of bones.


If you plan to include flaxseeds in your daily diet, go for milled or crushed seeds. This form of flaxseed is readily absorbed by our body. The shell is the house of all fibre which is very beneficial for our body. You can use flaxseeds in your salad dressing or in your oat meal. Store the seeds in refrigerator or in air tight containers. Enjoy every bite of this wonderful seed for a promising health and fitness.


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