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A well-oiled machine is an old saying when we see anything working perfectly. Oil! An important part of our day-to-day life, from external to internal, oil is associated with everyone we do. Be it applying on our scalp, hair, body, feet and hands or eating food. Oil is inseparable item of our daily healthy life. Without oil, our so-called body machines won’t function properly.


Oil mainly enters our body through the food which we eat. So choosing cooking oil becomes the most important aspect of cooking. Depending from person to person, every individual has a different taste and needs for the type of cooking oil to be used. Many types of cooking oil are there in the market. Understanding different types of cooking oil before buying them can be an advantage. In India, many types of cooking oils are used and are popular as per the geographical location and harvested as popular local crop. So here are enlisted some points about different oil types.


Coconut Oil: Most popular in Kerala because coconut trees are found in abundance over there and usually locals tend to buy something made locally, since nature is the best guide for particular food available at particular geographical location. Rich in fatty acid and saturated fat it many health benefits like control on cholesterol and anti-bacterial properties. It retains in nutrients even at high temperature and gives a feeling of fullness when consumed.

Mustard Oil: Popular in north India. Extracted from mustard seeds. Have innumerable health and beauty benefits. Good for heart, skin and hair. Mustard oil can tackle dark spots on skin and lighten then. It can be used for rashes and skin infection. Acts a stimulant and sunscreen. Reduces risk of cancer and cardiovascular aliments. Helpful for asthma patients. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities increase the shelf life of his oil. Good appetizer and mosquito repellent. 



Olive Oil: Popular in Mediterranean countries and now widely used in India for the heart healthy benefits. Does not stick to the hands at all since its very light by nature. Tastes good with salad and toppings of pasta. Non acidic    

Peanut Oil: Popular in central India. Heart healthy oils with vitamin A, E and D. Good for skin and health. Helps reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Considered good on all stomach problems like digestion and constipation. Helps in keeping the blood clean which in turn keeps the skin and complexion good. Beneficial for joint pains patients.


Sunflower Oil: A light oil which is heart healthy, skin healthy and immune healthy. Controls cholesterol and can boost energy. Retains its nutrient values at high temperature. Not good for diabetics. Good for asthma patients.

Almond Oil: Oil which is edible but costly on the pocket, hence recommended for salads and other external applications to rip the benefits. Good for hair and skin. Heart healthy and stomach helper.

Rice Bran Oil: Newly invented oil which is controls cholesterol and can be used for deep-frying. Considered female friendly since it helps during menopausal. Improves skin elasticity and fights cancer.

Ghee or Butter:  ancient oil used for cooking and other applications. Retains nutrients at a very high temperature also. Practiced since thousands of years. Ayurved believes in the power of ghee. There are many health benefits from ghee. Controls cholesterol. Helps calm the nerves and brain. Good for eyes. Helps digestion.Anti-Cancer and Anti-Inflammatory. Almost all Ayurvedic medicines mention the use of ghee in some or the other form. Promotes positivity in mind and body. It is recommended to use ghee everyday in your food to have a healthy mind and healthy body.


No matter which oil you use, all are beneficial in many ways more or less. In fact, you can keep all the oils in your shelf and use it for various purposes that they stand good for and rip the benefits for a healthy life.

Oil is essentially required because we cannot cook in water and as water evaporates at a particular temperature, oil doesn’t evaporate easily we opt for cooking in oil of many a thing. Cooking happens in oil whereas boiling happens in water. Oil adds its taste and nutrients to the food and gives a good final finished product for consumption which is health beneficial.


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