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How many times has your mother told you grab a handful of dry fruits when in hurry, eat them on the way? This simple looking nature’s food cartridge have an amazing power hidden within them. It’s really important for everyone now a day to grab a handful of dry fruits. All over the world people have been using dry fruits for many reasons since ancient times. These energy bombs are full of nutrients, vitamins and proteins. They even have powers to fight many known aliments. A handful daily can bring unbelievable benefits to your overall health.

Ayurveda recommends dry fruits for many day-to-day problems which we face like immune, digestion, constipation, fatigue and memory. It is always better to consume dry fruits in limit since the concentrated power within these can have a diverse effect. Better to soak the dry fruits overnight in water before giving them to your little ones in the morning before they are off to school, it makes it easy for chewing and digesting the dry fruits easy for the kids. Make a habit right from childhood for the kids to eat dry fruits. It will keep them safe and protected from many aliments. Starting a habit of eating dry fruits can be beneficial in any age, grab a few nuts daily and start your slow and steady process of a healthy life style. Dry fruits give benefits to people of all ages. In case you are eating dry fruits for fighting a certain aliment, it is always recommended to do under the guidance of a medical practitioner since they will advice for a proper proportion to be consumed and monitor the changes in your system.

Nature has given different fruits in different geographical location for better usage and consumption. Understanding the importance and benefits of dry fruit consumption is very much required for everyone. Mentioned in the following paragraphs is the information on different dry fruits and their significances


Walnut: This brain shaped dry fruit says directly that it is beneficial for your brain. The bitter brownish skin in flake form has more power, almost more than 80% as compared to the substance inside. The major substance found in them is the Omega 3 fatty acid beneficial to all brain related ailments like memory loss, concentration, sharp thinking and cell building which is related to memory boosting.


Almond: This multipurpose dry fruit has many feathers on its cap. Improving blood circulation, building blood cells,heart rate, skin improvement,immune, hemoglobin and hair care.

Raisins: A good cure for constipation. High on sugar and iron.

Date: Increases metabolism. High on sugars. Good for controlling heat within the body if consumed in limited quantity.

Cashew nuts: Skin, Bone, muscle and Jaw. Cashew nuts oil is good for skin treatment. High on calcium and magnesium helping build muscles. Copper within the cashew improves memory. One has to be precautious while eating ripe cashews since the liquid might be very itching for the skin. If consumed more than necessary, can generate heat in the body.  

Pistachios: Small in size but all in one, containing proteins, vitamins and nutrients combining all other dry fruits.Powerful health builder.

Apricot: Protects heart and improves vision. High in fiber makes it digestive friendly. Helps build strong bones and teeth.

Precaution needs to be taken while giving dry fruits to kids or toddlers. It’s better to give them in powdered form to avoid choking. Always follow with warm milk after consuming dry fruits since the heat generated in body needs to be cooled down and also support in easy digestion of dry fruits. Adding dry fruits to sweet dishes is the best thing to do because kids can be messy sometimes regarding the flavor of some dry fruits which is not always tongue friendly.Add them to salads, ice creams, halwas, kheer, curries etc.Powdered dry fruits in measured quantity can be kept in a container in the fridge and served everyday with warm milk in the morning along with the breakfast.Small of dry fruits powder along with milk during pregnancy will not only help and mother and baby be strong but also make the baby’s skin glow and give a healthy complexion. So make it a point to grab a handful of dry fruits every day.


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