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Green tea has become the most important beverage these days for all. And people are curious to know about all the benefits of it. Due to our stressful and hectic schedule we get addicted to tea and coffee so much that we don’t realize that too much consumption of tea and coffee is not good for our health. And as a side effect having too much tea and coffee our stomach has to bear the awful burning sensation. This is due the fact that tea and coffee creates acidity which further creates ulcers in the stomach thus making it a really bad choice for all of us. On an average a person drinks about 4-5 cups of tea or coffee and thus making his health all the way worse. One should substitute tea and coffee with green tea in order to stay in best of health. Green tea has endless benefits. It relieves your whole day’s stress and helps you to live a better and a healthy life. Thus adopting green tea in your lifestyle instead of coffee and tea will give you numerous benefits. Incorporating green tea will give you the following benefits:

  • Green tea is rich in antioxidants:

Green tea is extremely rich in antioxidants which keeps us boosted and takes away all the toxins from our body and thus cleanses our body. Thus it has got a purifying effect which is really good for our body.


  • Reduces body weight:

Drinking green tea helps to reduce weight also. One can add few drops of lemon to your one cup of green tea in order to have good taste of green tea. The results can be seen after some days. It increases the metabolism rate which helps to burn fat easily.


  • Improves brain function:

Green tea contains small amount of caffeine which is lesser than coffee. It is just enough to make brain active such that the brain can work actively and faster. And thus it helps in functioning of the brain.


  • Good for heart diseases:

Green tea for heart patients is very beneficial as it works on the lining of the blood vessels and helps to withstand the change in blood pressure. It also prevents from building blood clot and reduces the risk of heart related diseases.


  • Relieves stress:

Green tea leaves have special amino acid known as thiamine which helps you to get rid of stress and it is being believed that green tea also has tranquilizing effect on people who are under depression.


  • Slows ageing:

It is being proven that green tea contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory factors which are helpful in slowing down the ageing problems. Even the damage from sun in summers can be cured with the help of green tea leaves. You just need to make a thick paste green tea leaves and apply it on the skin for few minutes. This will repair your skin and will help in rejuvenate your skin in a natural way.

  • Cures cancer:

Cancer is found to be a major disease which is caused due to uncontrollable growth of cells. The antioxidants present in the green tea helps in the prevention of the formation of these cells and provide the much needed oxygen to the cells. Green tea will lower the risk of many types of cancer!


  • Best substitute for tea and coffee:

Green tea can be a best substitute for tea and coffee. This in return gives the body the much needed antioxidants and it is beneficial than tea and coffee too. So next time whenever you think of having tea or coffee, just think about the benefits of green tea and make sure that you drink green tea. Thus introduce green tea in your lives and feel the difference!


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