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According to University's College of Human Ecology, "Coconut oil is packed with health benefits and delivers you the exceptional support for your better health.”

As the summers are approaching, it means that the house will be occupied by the kids. So a mother in order to keep the kid’s cheerful tries to give them a treat full of yummy sweets. But then a thought of their good health also looms on her head. Well don’t worry because you will be using organic products. It is said that the mother should choose natural cooking oils because it is the best way to safeguard the health of the family members.

Benefits of using Coconut Oil are:

  • It contains fatty acids with many medicinal properties.
  • This assists you in burning out fat.
  • This oil has the power to kill all bad organisms in the stomach.
  • People who prefer this oil are less likely to suffer from heart ailments.

Types of sweets that can be prepared with Coconut Oil are:

  • Almond Butter Banana Fudge: Ingredients for making this mouthwatering sweet is – ½ cup of coconut oil, 1/ cup of almond butter, ¼ cup of raw honey, ½ mashed banana and 1tsp of vanilla extract. After preparing this for your kids, keep it in the freezer to cool off and cut it into small pieces, so that you can give it to your kids during the afternoon.

  • Coconut Oil Chocolate: This is very convenient for the mothers to prepare for their little ones. Well you can be a bit creative because there is no dearth of it. I can understand that all the mothers love to get the best of the nutrients from these sweet delicacies for their kids. Addition of natural dry fruits along with the chocolate syrup will make it fantastic plus the natural oil will also add a nice flavor to it.

  • Almond power Bars: I can understand the summer vacation is meant for enjoyment. That is why the mothers have to run from pillar to post just to ensure that the kids have proper diet. So be smart and prepare for them a nice thick layer of sweet milk, with lots of nuts and dry fruits. It will be an awesome way to ensure a healthy body for your kids.

  • Vegan Ran: This is an awesome treat for the kids. A mother can do lot of things with it. The addition of dry fruits like (apricots, rasins, and walnuts) .Various forms of nuts, organic seeds, date etc can be added into it. Thus making a wholesome treat for the little superheroes in the house.

So dear ladies believe me the amount of good punch of energy the organic snacks can have, will actually deliver a satisfied feeling to you. These utterly delicious snacks take very good care of the kid’s health & also safeguarding him/her from diseases.

Make the energy filled sweet chargers for your kids in organic oil.

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