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When you think about exotic flavors of Green Tea, Jasmine Tea might be the first and most preferred flavor that comes to your mind. The unusually striking aroma from the Jasmine blossoms energizes the body, mind and spirit instantly and the floral scent from the hot piping cup of Jasmine tea revives your senses instantaneously as it gets deeply absorbed. Although most people prefer the brilliant experience owing to the aromatic revival, rather holistically, many people might not know how beneficial Jasmine tea might prove for your overall health.

Antioxidants from Jasmine tea contain obvious benefits for the human system. The major benefit is attributed to their ability to fight free radicals and bring about wellness by retarding the ageing process. Likewise, antioxidants present in Jasmine tea also work towards fulfilling the anti-ageing process, by cleaning up free radicals that are produced continuously by our bodies as a result of the process of energy generation. When the body absorbs oxygen to generate energy, free radicals are released and need to be cleaned up. Sometimes our bodies tend to lose their natural ability to clean up these free radicals. Hence supplements like natural organic Jasmine tea might be necessary to bring about the relevant changes in the system. Regular consumption of natural organic green tea can protect DNA and cells from being degenerated and bring about an array of benefits from reducing wrinkles to fighting cancer cells in the body.


Further, even branded organic Jasmine tea is cost effective and affordable for most tea lovers, who can take advantage of the high Flavonoid and Catechin content and antioxidants. In fact, the antioxidants available from Jasmine tea alone are so high that it is as good as consuming the like of eight apples when drinking a single cup of tea.The most important Catechin available from green tea is EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which has a natural property of being pushed out of the system naturally even when an overdose happens.

The antioxidant effect of Jasmine tea are further amplified by the effect of a number of compounds including Gallic Acid and elements including zinc, selenium, manganese and chromium. Even a number of phytochemical compounds are available from Jasmine tea which isan excellent wellness medium for holistic healing. The effect of these compounds and elements has been proven through numerous research studies and evidence points out that the body is in a better position to utilize these compounds and elements even when compared to vitamin and mineral supplements.


Due to the healing properties of Jasmine tea, you are bound to experience a number of health promoting changes including gradual weight loss. People who are fond of sweets find it very easy to switch to Jasmine tea, and manage to consume it regularly without sugar due to the natural sweet taste from Jasmine blossoms.  This helps gradual weight loss. However, picking a brand of Jasmine tea that is organically certified is very important when it comes to quality and the natural sweet taste and gentle aroma that emanates from the concentrated solution.

Another important benefit from Jasmine tea proven through research studies is cancer prevention, not just owing to the fact that it is a form of green tea, but also because cancer prevention properties are found in Jasmine blossoms itself. Jasmine blossoms were found to have an anti-cancer drug known as Methyl Jasmonate, which has shown promising potential as an anti-cancer medication. Research studies have shown a marked efficacy in cancer prevention through regular consumption of this chemical.

For centuries, Jasmine oil was known to be especially efficacious in calming nerves, soothing the heart rate and relieving anxiety.  Research has shown that the scent from Jasmine is also extremely effective in producing a calming effect due to the presence of a special aromatic compound called Linalool. This suggests why Jasmine tea can create a specific tranquil effect from the sheer scent of Jasmine blossoms.


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