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Earl Grey Tea is one of the most popular tea blends, originally belonging to the Western society. Today, Earl Grey Tea is savored by all tea lovers globally and the characteristic aroma of Bergamot orange that comes from the hot cup of Earl Grey Tea is especially refreshing. Since Earl Grey Tea is essentially a Black tea, the flavor is usually bold and citrus and the authenticity of the flavor is solely dependent on the nature of Bergamot oil added to the Earl Grey Tea.


  1. Earl Grey Tea is particularly important in aiding the digestion process and keeping the intestines clean and pain free. Since ages, Earl Grey Tea has been known to provide relief from common stomach ailments including stomach ache from improper digestion and the feeling of nausea.


  1. Energy derived from the natural organic flavors of Earl Grey Tea helps you stay active and leaves you feeling refreshed. Unlike most caffeinated drinks, Earl Grey Tea does not bring about stress along with the alertness since the action of Earl Grey Tea is quite different from coffee.


  1. Earl Grey Tea is essentially a relaxant which promotes mental clarity and helps accomplish tasks with ease and concentration, without producing any contrary effects like fogging the mind from the effects of stress. The de-stressing effects of Earl Grey Tea can be quite profound and as it keeps our kind away from the deadly effects of anxiety and depression. Consuming the citric flavored drink keeps you from developing chronic mental ailments including Alzheimer’s Chron’s disease and the like after middle age and ensures healthy mental functioning.

  1. Earl Grey Tea and its citrus flavors play an instrumental role in accelerating the weight loss process and calories are naturally broken down to add to muscle strength. This is similar to the action of lemon juice, which due to its citrus properties brings about weight loss. While working on losing weight, Earl Grey Tea does not make you feel worn out and tired because of the potassium contained in it, which keeps the body hydrated and relaxed.


  1. One of the most important benefits that people have reported and is also confirmed through scientific evidence is that Earl Grey Tea can help raise good Cholesterol levels and lower bad cholesterol levels. This action and its ability to protect cells through antioxidants can have a lasting impact on heart health to the extent that even the chances of a devastating incident like stroke can be hugely minimized.


  1. Earl Grey Tea also has a great effect on lowering blood sugar levels naturally and people who are habituated to drinking two or three cups of tea in a day can increase their livelihood of acquiring Diabetes or even if the are already diabetic, decrease chances of disease progression through this natural remedy.


  1. The Catechin contained in Earl Grey Tea, which is an antioxidant is known to fight infections of the mouth, teeth and gums and help protect against cavities in the long run. In addition to Catechin, Earl Grey Tea also contains significant amounts of Fluoride, which has the ability to serve as a protective agent for the teeth, minimizing chances of cavities.


  1. Earl Grey Tea has the ability to collect free radicals and rid the body of cancerous cells which are toxic and detrimental. By cleaning up the internal system on a regular basis, Earl Grey Tea can minimize chances of developing any form of cancer even in the long run.


Similar to other tea flavors, Earl Grey Tea also contains its own set of good health benefits, owing to the antioxidants and certain natural compounds not available in any other tea. However, only Earl Grey Tea which has been prepared using Natural Organic processes must be preferred for regular use, since the optimal protection of flavor is the primary condition to retain good health benefits. When Earl Grey Tea is derived by way of natural organic processes, the original essences of Bergamot orange and the true flavors of tea are locked in to impart the best possible benefits without worrying about getting toxic in the least.


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