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Drinking tea is a life style choice for almost everyone, in their twenties, thirties or even middle age. Sooner or later, you might find how increasingly dependent you might become on a hot beverage, especially to rejuvenate yourself before starting a hectic day. However, every beverage comes with its own set of side effects, while also providing limited benefits. It is only through a conscious effort that you might find the beverage that is right for you and when looking out for a healthy option, nothing seems more convincing than consuming Green Teaon a regular basis.

 From a health perspective, green tea is loaded with much more than nutrients which bring about positive change in your body. Equipped with antioxidants, Flavonoids and Catechin, Organic Green tea revives the body through a scientifically proven chemical action that restores body balance holistically.

As our bodies undergo the natural ageing process, the cells and tissues tend to deteriorate, and cells tend to get less and less healthy, causing depletion in energy and less than optimal functioning. This affects the overall processes that are life sustaining and carried out throughout our bodies in order to ensure holistic health and wellbeing. A cup of Green Tea Infusion a day created with the finest blend of organic natural herbs carrying an incomparable set of benefits could go a long way in inhibiting the activity of free radicals and preventing cell damage that might otherwise occur gradually.

Further to the antioxidants, which are the main source of holistic health giving substances in organic herbal Green Tea, there are minerals which are supplied to the body in small quantities on a daily basis, preventing their depletion and minimizing risks of developing a number of ailments especially related to the bones and the teeth.

This beneficial effect of Green Tea come without the added caffeine, which you might consume from regular intake of coffee or other forms of traditional tea.  Consuming less caffeine means that you are saving your brain from producing large quantities of chemicals including Dopamine, which seem to be exciting for a short period of time, but might later produce long lasting harmful effects on the psyche. The main reason people tend to consume coffee and regular tea in spite of being informed about the harmful effects of caffeine is that it makes them feel alert, creates an impression of improved brain function, has a feel-good effect on the mood and makes them sharper in terms of short term memory.

Green Tea works in a completely different way in order to compensate for this caffeine effect and while it makes you equally alert, your brain is not stimulated to produce large doses of chemicals, with drug like effects. Organic natural Green Tea does this through its amino acid, L-theanine, which can cross the blood brain barrier and reduce that notable feeling of anxiety, thereby promoting relaxation. This makes you feel more alert while also being more relaxed and stress free, hence enhancing your overall performance.

When choosing only Green Tea acquired from organically cultivated tea and blended with only organic natural herbs, fruits and flavors, you can be sure that the infusion steeped every morning is free from chemicals, especially fluoride, which occurs in lowest quality herbal blends. Only this form of pure natural Green Tea subjected to natural procedures that are chemical free, is able to boost your metabolic rate, speed up the process of oxidation and burn fat better than most supplements available in the market.

Furthermore, Green Tea is especially effective in lowering the risks of common forms of cancer including breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. This property of Green Tea is attributed to its oxidative capacity, brought about by antioxidants that inhibit the activity of free radicals inside the body. The cancer fighting ability of Green Tea has been proven from scientific studies and clinical trials. In addition to the cancer fighting ability of Green Tea, the hot cup of health you might reach out for every morning, is charged with substances that improve brain functioning and reduce chances of age related diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Overall, the bioactive compounds present in Green Tea have a marked influence on the neurons, especially in the brain and promote cell level repair and regeneration in a natural and holistic way. While fulfilling the need for a rejuvenating cup of hot beverage in the morning or evening, Green Tea has its own set of inherent functional benefits that work towards a healthy body, mind and spirit.


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