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Organic peanut oil is flavoured edible oil which is extracted from peanut kernels. Peanut oil is extracted from organically grown peanuts. Thus, organic peanut oil is free from all types of additives, preservatives and chemicals. Organic cold pressed peanut oil can thus be safely consumed and used as it has no adverse side or health effects. Peanut oil health benefits are numerous and most people can consume this oil and even use it topically. However, those who are allergic to peanuts must not use this oil in an excess quantity. Peanut oil is also a good alternate to vegetable oil and can be used for cooking purposes as well. It is the most suited for frying because it has a high smoking point which prevents food from burning. Peanut oil also has a long shelf- life and is neutral in taste and so does not affect the taste of the food which is fried or cooked in this oil.

The following are the reasons why organic peanut oil should be opted for:

  • Peanut oil contains a lot of mono-unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid, stearic acid etc. Saturated fats are not good for the overall health of the body. On the other hand, a balance of unsaturated fatty acids boosts the health in several ways. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids lower the cholesterol levels in the blood. These fatty acids improve the levels of good cholesterol in the blood. This further ensures that the arteries remain free from cholesterol deposits and thus prevents the heart from strokes and attacks. With a good lipid profile, organic peanut oil promotes the overall heart health and prevents the heart from several coronary diseases. The mono-unsaturated fatty acids also help to lower high blood pressure and maintain a balance of the blood pressure levels thereby preventing heart diseases.

  • Organic peanut oil contains linoleic acid which is essential for the working of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are required by the body to carry out several important functions in the body including contraction and dilation of blood vessels and other muscles of the body. Thus, the consumption of organic peanut oil helps to improve blood flow throughout the body. Improved blood circulation helps to keep the heart and the body active.
  • Organic peanut oil also contains resveratrol which is an anti-oxidant that prevents cancers, heart diseases, degenerative nerve diseases, brain disorders and several infections. Resveratrol works on the cells and blood vessels in the body to fight free radicals that can cause cell damage and thus lead to several diseases and ailments. Vitamin E is also another important anti-oxidant which is an ingredient of organic peanut oil. Vitamin E helps to fight free radicals that cause damage and degeneration of cell and cell membranes. Thus, organic peanut oil is one of the healthiest oils that can be consumed to prevent several diseases and health problems.
  • Organic peanut oil also benefits the cognitive abilities and health. Peanut oil contains resveratrol and anti-oxidants that fight free radicals that cause damage of the brain cells and cause degeneration of the brain cells. Thus, the consumption of peanut oil prevents cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. The consumption of peanut oil helps in improving the mental functioning and also prevents the blocking of neural pathways that may cause several mental disabilities.

  • Organic peanut oil is also considered very good for promoting the skin health. Organic peanut oil contains vitamin E which is an important anti-oxidant for promoting healthy skin. Vitamin E fights free radicals that damage the skin and cause premature aging of the skin leading to blemishes, wrinkles and dark spots on the skin. With regular use of peanut oil helps to give a clearer and fair looking skin.
  • Resveratrol in organic peanut oil helps to boost the health of the immune system as well. The anti-oxidant helps to fight several infection causing bacteria, virus and fungi and thus promotes the overall working of the immune system. It helps to build a stronger immune system.

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