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It isn’t a surprise that Ali Baba cried “Open Sesame!” to unearth the trove of treasure hidden in the famous folklore! Sesame is in itself a treasure chest of goodness with unmatched health benefits. Use of Sesame, as seeds or its extracted oil, is considered to be highly beneficial to the general well-being when used regularly as part of one’s diet.

Did you know, Sesame is one of the oldest condiments known and is an excellent source of a rich mix of essential minerals like copper, magnesium, calcium, zinc, molybdenum, iron, phosphorus and selenium? These mineral constituents, when included in the daily diet translate into several health benefits. Thus, sesame oil finds its place in the kitchen and the daily diets of many people worldwide and is one of the most sought-after edible oils across the globe, since the ancient times. It is a very commonly used edible oil in Asian cuisines, especially Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern including Japanese and Chinese dishes.      

Sesame Oil is among the top of the chart oils in Ayurveda too, being light and highly nutritious. With the list of its benefits running long, it becomes imperative to capture some of the most promising and potent benefits that one may derive by simply including it in their daily food regime.

Skin Benefits

Sesame Oil is an excellent source of natural zinc, a major mineral constituent of the skin. Include Sesame Oil in your diet to get a healthy, glowing skin as this oil is found to eliminate premature aging by increasing skin elasticity, promote regrowth of skin cells and is a good emollient. Do you know Sesame Oil is an excellent sunscreen as it forms a protective layer on the skin preventing the harmful radiations from affecting the skin? The active ingredient, Sesamol, in Sesame Oil has been proven to protect against damage caused by radiation to the skin DNA.

In addition, it has anti-fungal and cicatrizing properties and is used for healing moderate wounds.

Bone Health With Sesame Oil

Not just a healthy, youthful skin but Sesame Oil’s mineral composition of zinc, copper and calcium (all integral to bone growth in the body!) boost bone health increasing the bone mineral density significantly. To top its zinc constituent, calcium too adds to the overall health of the bones and joints. Sesame oil comes packed with more calcium than your regular glassful of milk!!

In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties that are derived from the rich copper content are found to be very helpful in relieving rheumatoid arthritis and avoiding the onset of osteoporosis and other bone ailments.

Ensuring Heart Health

The good, spicy taste of this vegetable oil is attributable to its fatty acid content – it containing several polyunsaturated fatty acids. These, including sesamol, sesamin and phytosterols, are very good at fighting and blocking the production of bad cholesterol (LDL) and thus keeping the cardiovascular system hale and hearty. It has thus been found to be very effective in preventing atherosclerosis – keeping the risks of heart attacks and strokes at bay- if one actively includes Sesame Oil to their diet.

Hair Care With Sesame Oil

With today’s hectic lifestyle, taking good care of one’s hair is getting out of bounds. Introducing Sesame Oil to you diet can help you get a healthy and conditioned scalp with healthy hair follicles. Sesame Oil can be effectively used to treat damaged hair and can prevent scalp psoriasis by eliminating flakiness and dryness.

General Mental Wellbeing

Sesame Oil comprises stress-relieving magnesium and calcium minerals along with Thiamin and tryptophan that promote good sleep and are mood-stabilizing agents.

Dental Health Benefits

Sesame Oil finds good use in dentistry where it is used for oil pulling viz. putting oil in the mouth and swishing it to kill bad bacteria and fungi, thus ensuring oral health. Protect your teeth and gums from oral thrush, candida and gingivitis.

Cancer Prevention

Sesame Oil contains phytate and sesamin that have been shown to reduce cancer cells production, especially colon and rectal cancers.

Benefits to Diabetics and People With High Blood Pressure

Sesame Oil lowers the sodium content in the blood stream, reducing the stress on blood vessels and thus alleviating blood pressure issues like hypertension, while also controlling diabetes.

Digestion, Metabolism & Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil helps in improving the intestinal health, eliminating inflammatory conditions, maintaining a healthy liver function and providing relief from intestinal obstructions. It is particularly helpful in treating constipation due to its high fiber content.

Other Nutritional Benefits

Other benefits include treating anemic conditions, ensuring good blood supply to the eyes, preventing asthma and introducing a vegetarian, high-protein diet benefit to the body.

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