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Memory power is affected by exercises, diet and aging. Basically, there are two types of memory – short term and long term memory. Our brain has separate regions to store both the type of memories. An information in short term memory can be put to a long term memory by practice, habitual actions and diet. Nutrients are required to increase the efficiency of both short term and long term memory performance. Here are four food products with all the essential nutrients that have the capacity to boost memory power.

Black berries

Berry is a naturally available fruits which have a rich reserve of antioxidants that help protect the brain from free radicals. They also contain chemicals like anthocyanin which is known to have a good effect on boosting memory power. A fruitful composition of various flavonoids bring about positive changes to the mental makeup that aid the bettering of memory. There are other dark berries like blue berry and cherries which are as equally good as black berry when it comes to memory boosting.

Fishes with fatty acids

Brain health requires constant supply of omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA. Among the various food products that contain those fatty acids, fatty fish stands at the top with high abundance of those chemicals. Fatty acids like DHA should be abundant in the brain for it to operate effectively and efficiently. One way to improve the abundance is to increase the supply of DHA in blood by consuming fishes rich in fatty acids. Other sea foods like sardines, salmon and herring can also be considered.


Walnuts are another one of those food products which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is a good option for vegans. It also produces positive effects on the health of heart and lungs. They are so effective even when consumed in small quantities every day. It has been proved to improve cognitive capabilities with improved concentration and processing speeds in the long term. The fatty acid present in walnut is a plant based alpha-linolenic acid which is very healthy and safe to consume in large quantities.


Vitamin B is an important nutrient supply for brain to function correctly. It supports brain in functions such as regulation and production of chemicals. It forms a powerful combination with folates which are present in rich quantities in leafy greens like turnip and spinach.

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