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The soul of every dish is its masala. It was Mughals who introduced spices in India to flavor their food and since then these have become the flavoring agents in every kitchen. They add that tasty kick to any snack, fruits or any food item. These can be used and added in various forms as whole, sautéed, roasted, fried, ground or even as topping. Bringing to you the top six fresh masalas which are a must for almost every dish in Indian kitchen:

  • Garam Masala – It is a blend of spices which add a unique flavor to most recipes. As the word refers, garam is heat and that is the intent of garam masala. The balance of heat and warmth needed by body for metabolic purpose is provided by this masala. In Ayurveda, garam masala is said to detox the body remove any toxins from it. When added to food, it boosts immunity, helps in weight loss, maintains sugar levels and improves digestion. Today, garam masala has become a must in almost every dish.
  • Coriander Powder – A vital role is played by coriander in many Indian dishes. Whether used as a whole grain or in powder form, it is an important ingredient in many gravy or dry dishes. It usually adds a mild flavor to dishes and has a sweet aroma. Besides having some intrinsic value for taste purpose, coriander also has great medicinal use. When combine with other spices, it helps in soothing acidity, control cholesterol, improve metabolism, enhance sperm generation and keeps blood pressure under control.
  • Black Pepper Powder – It has a very different pungent odor and flavor and has been used in many salads and raitas for seasoning purpose. Black pepper is also an important ingredient of garam masala. It is rich in manganese, iron and vitamin K thus making it an excellent digestion agent. Black pepper is said to be a good agent in preventing gas, promoting sweat in body and for proper urination.
  • Cumin Powder – Cumin powder comes from cumin seeds which have a bitter taste, warm flavor and strong aroma. Cumin powder can be used in salads and many other vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes for the simple reason that they add great taste. Butter milk and lassi are some of the cool drinks which are extensively flavored using cumin powder.
  • Red Chilli – the most powerful hot spice f Indian food is red chilli. Red chilli finds its way in all dishes across the country due to its base for making food spicy, hot and flavored. It also adds good color to dishes which are usually colorless and enhances the look and taste of such food.
  • Amchur – Amchur comes by grinding dried green mango. It has a tangy and sour taste similar to vinegar or lime juice. It is a good substitute for tamarind, lemon, tomato and vinegar and adds that slight citrus taste to your food.

Each of the masala is unique in its nature and incorporates salty, sweet, sour or bitter taste in Indian cooking. It is therefore vital that the quantities and the use of each of the masala are done to bring up the overall eating experience. Joy by nature brings to you a varied range of these products which are both organic and fresh.

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