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Organic food or non-organic food. Why are organic foods better for consumption and what kind of products should you try this year. A healthy diet plan includes vegetables, whole wheat and proteins along with a balance of fruits and essential edible oils. Organic meals show that the natural resources have been used responsibly and the quality standards have been maintained.

Let’s quickly glance through some of the organic meals which are a must eat.

Bread – FDA has been testing food items on regular basis and has found harmful chemicals like malathion in some flour-based food products like muffins, cereals, biscuits and breads. These food items if are organic in nature taste different and are 100% safe for consumption.

Beverages – Beverages containing sugar syrups like soft drinks are being extensively replaced with healthy liquid products like tea and water. High levels of fructose in liquids are desired lesser by individuals and organic tea is becoming popular with everyone.

Healthy snacks – Snacks are becoming trendy since quite some time. Today people desire to eat healthy snacks resulting in the fast growth under this segment. But eating healthy does not mean to eat any snack. People are switching to organic foods and increasing the frequency of eating. Cereals, milk and milk products are extensively being consumed during snack time and therefore the emphasis is on organic meals.

Fruits – Including fresh fruits is a part of any healthy diet plan. However, fruits like strawberries, peaches, nectarines, apples, grapes and cherries should only be purchased if they are organic. In addition to the fiber content provided, fruits help in lowering cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, provide important minerals like iron, calcium and manganese. It has been advised often that the natural form and content of fruits is preserved in their organic form.

Celery – Celery is high in vitamin C and potassium which helps regulating blood pressure and helps fight cold. Goodness of celery is preserved when it is consumed in organic form.

Green vegetable, spinach – Spinach is full of nutritional content being high in vitamin and low in calorie. It is rich in vitamin A and vitamin K and any pesticide content or toxins only reduces the natural nutritional value from the vegetable. Switching to organic is the easiest, simplest and most recommended way by nutritionists.

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