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Low calorie Yogurt Dip

This yoghurt dip provides nutrients like proteins, calcium and probiotics. These nutrients assist in the functioning of various internal systems in the body. It is a very good option for weight watchers who need the nutrients and at the same time doesn’t want to add calories.


200 ml low fat curd/yogurt.

2 cloves of Chopped garlic.

50 gms low fat cheese.

½ tsp mixed herb Italian seasoning.

Salt to taste.

Few drops of lime juice.

½ tsp chilli flakes.


Take a muslin cloth and hang the curd into it until all the liquid drains out (30 – 45 mins). Mix all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Your rich creamy yoghurt dip is ready.

Make this nutritional powerhouse dip at home and enjoy it with salad, healthy starters or you can even use it as a sandwich spread. 


Lopamudra Banerjee is a Reebok certified group training instructor in cardio & strength training exercises. She has also undergone training and certification from IKFF in Kettlebell, Indoor/Outdoor bootcamp and Resistance training instructor. She is currently undergoing personal training certification course from American Council on Exercise (ACE).              She can be reached at lopa27sep[at]gmail.com.



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