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Going the natural way to eat and maintain health might sound like a lecture which is showered upon us almost every day by our parents. But it is high time we switch from the chemically produced food to the organic food, which is nutritional and beneficial for health.

Technically, “organic” refers to anything that is derived from the living matter. The methods used to grow and process agricultural products is what “organic” refers to. Dedicating yourself to maintain a healthy life by eating more fruits, vegetables, good fats etc., you take an effort to not only save yourself from the harm of the chemically fertilized food but also the environment.

In organic farming, the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is strictly prohibited. The crops are grown utilizing natural processes and insects and weeds are controlled using natural ways.

There are foods that stay in demand throughout the year. Some of them include:

  • Coffee
  • Dals and Pulses

  • Rice

  • Cereals

  • Juices

These are some basic foods that are required by every individual in their day to day life to sustain a stable health and energy. The urge to use organic products stems from the many benefits that these provide to the consumer.

  • Contain less amount of pesticides

Pesticide, insecticides, chemical fertilizers are some of the non-organic products used to control and stop the growth the insects, weeds etc. The residue of these substances remains in the food particles.

But not in the case of organic farming because the use of such things is strictly prohibited.

  • It tastes good and looks fresh

Organic food looks fresh and also tastes good as it contains no preservatives to make it last longer.

  • Good for the environment

Organic food is good for the environment as it reduces various types of pollution like, air, water, and soil. Also, it conserves water, reduces soil erosion, uses less amount of energy and increases soil fertility.

  • Anti-oxidant capacity

Through a number of studies, it has been proved that antioxidants tend to have more effect and impact on the health of the individual when coming from organic foods than from the chemically processed foods. This helps in the reduction of exposure to the heavy and toxic metals.

Hope this information is beneficial for all. It is high time you now switch to organic foods to live a sustainable life and a longer one too.


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