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Work days become more strenuous as one ascends the corporate ladder. Gearing up for back-to-back meetings without a moment to spare. It’s as if they’re on stage all day. And their mobiles make them reachable off-stage also. This routine can take a toll on their health.

Debra Nelson notes that CEOs have three unique areas of stress that can exceed others. Those are the pace of their work life, the pain of downsizing (in today’s economy) and social isolation.

Not having time to exercise, sit and relax could be the easiest excuse for these jet-setting executives but some of the India Inc’s busiest young CEO’s  are fitness buffs.


Nadia Chauhan Kurup – At 28, the joint MD and chief marketing officer of Parle Agro has propelled the company’s growth from a hundred to thousand crores.  A doting mother, an avid reader and a horse rider, she makes sure her fitness regimes are high up on her priority lists. Her food habits include a well-balanced healthy diet. She sticks to a meal guideline tailored to her lifestyle. Her idea of de-stressing include kick-boxing; running on the beach, treadmill; horse riding; playing with her children.

Mittu Chandilya – The 33 year old CEO of AirAsia India and a former model takes fitness as seriously as any other business decision. He believes in eating small portions and takes around seven small meals a day to burn more fat. Being a disciplined guy, he ensures heading to gym everyday without an excuse and focusing on his workout. He loves spending time with his with his wife and three sons. His idea of de-stressing involves saunas and a massage after a rough day.

Rajiv Mehta – The former MD of Puma, South Asia, Mehta, 35, is very conscious of his overall well-being. Being disciplined of his own running schedules, he also tried to make other Puma employees take fitness seriously. Now, this is a person who realises value of having healthy employees in an organisation to achieve greater output. He not only focuses on reaching the ideal body-weight ratio but also maintaining the spiritual and mental growth, tapping the exponential growth hidden within. He prefers eating at home whenever possible though he enjoys different cuisines, especially while travelling. He believes in eating healthy and discards sweets and oily food. When not working, he loves to travel; spend time with family and catch up on a good movie or book.

Vikas Khemani – Stipulating that meditation is vital to maintain balance in life, the 36 year old Khemani, President & CEO, Edelweiss Securities Limited, has mostly been into running and yoga. He watches his diet carefully by eating plenty of greens and proteins and stays away from fried food. He loves meditating and playing with kids.

CEO’s seem to have an uncanny ability to do it all even though they’re allotted the same 24hrs as everyone else. Some of the common habits of successful CEO’s of the world are:

  1. They get up early
  2. They exercise regularly
  3. They meditate everyday
  4. They cut back on meetings
  5. They organise the details
  6. They cultivate creativity

Climbing up the ladder of success needs a lot of focus, devotion and hard-work. We should make our health a priority and look after it by following certain exercising and eating rituals. Eating healthy and organic food ensures the proper supply of food into our body. Organic foods increase immunity thereby helping fight many diseases. Unlike other conventional foods, organic food is free from pesticides and fertilizers that damage our environment. For more information on organic foods and their availability visit joybynature.com


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