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One of the most striking actors of bollywood, John Abraham has earned fame for his dashing body and six pack abs too. His smart appearance and glamorous personality makes him favorite actor of many and thousands of his fans follow him for the same dashing personality. With his blockbuster hits, Jism, force, shootout at Wadala, Madras café and dostana, he became a role model for youngsters. You might have been thinking that his dashing body is god gift to him but wait, he did not get his admirable personality simply. This is nothing but a result of his strong determination, focus and will power.

The heart-beat of million girls has worked a lot on his body before his first movie Jism. Although, he is always like a fitness icon but he never becomes careless about the fitness of his body. Being fit and having charming body doesn’t mean that you need not to pay special attention on your body, you should always be attentive towards the maintenance of your body shape, says John. It is not a big challenge to shed down unwanted weight from your body the all you need is to adopt a good fitness regimen and follow it strictly. The 43 years old actor has 172 pounds with perfect transformations in his muscular body.

You will be surprised to know that this successful hero does not include meat in his diet. His daily diet involves pure veggie stuffs in 6 meals. Apart from balancing his diet from the nutrition point of view, he chooses the food stuff for proper protein, fiber and carb intake. In order to meet this demand, he included potato, corn grains, jwar, bajra, wheat, protein supplements, soya pluses, sprouts and various fiber fruits in his diet. His breakfast involves almonds, egg whites, toast and butter, fruit juice etc. despite of being a fond of tea, hi limits intake of tea upto two cups a day. Breaking the mentality of common people who thinks that you need to starve hard for having good body shape, John says that you must have heavy breakfast. this keeps you energetic and active throughout the day. He loves munching something during small intervals and that’s why, he has divided his daily diet into 5 to 6 small meals.

When it comes upon workout schedule, John has involved cardiovascular, muscular and weightlifting exercises and distributed them well over the week for regular repetitions. On Monday, he does bench presses, dumbbell flies, cable flies, triceps push down and dips while on Tuesday he follows crunches, shrugs, leg raises, bend over barbell row and pull ups. Wednesday is for cardio workout such as treadmill running, bicycling, exercise for lungs, crunches and all. Thursday is reserved for legs and he carries out leg press, leg curls, extensions, squats and hack squats. You might have understood now that how his fitness regimen going through the week involves workout for every part of his body in different week days. On friday, he carries out overhead presses, military presses, alternate dumb-bells, hammers for shoulders and biceps. Saturday is again for cardio and Sunday is for rest.

Like all those smart physique builders who want to appear good, John takes care of eating no sweets, oily food, fatty dishes and dairy products.

This is how, John has become a famous personality for his hear touching body and definitely ambitious men will like to have a body like him. Drooling viewers to the extreme level, his six pack abs make every women die for him. Fitness and flexibility together makes his body outstanding as well as he never ignores trying complicated training courses that can make him body more attractive. Discipline and determination are the most powerful weapons according to him if you want to have impressive body even in your 40s and 50s.

So, you need nothing more than knowing good weight management ideas and the right way of fitness maintenance in order to have a handsome body.


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