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There are significant muscles that work in functioning of our eyes. These muscles also need regular workout for their better functioning. Here are some simple yet effective workouts for eye muscles so that we tone them up and keep them rejuvenated.

Eye Circles

Moving eyes in circular direction can be really rejuvenating. Sit or lie down in a comfortable way with eyes open. Now move your eye balls first in clockwise direction for 20 times and then in anti-clockwise direction. Move eyes in full circle so that all of its surrounding muscles get a workout. This exercise can be done just as you wake up in the morning.

Pen Focus Workout

The weak eye muscles can be strengthened with the help of this focus exercise. Sit erect over a firm surface and hold a pen in your right hand. Hold pen upright and straighten the right arm so that it is right in front of you. Take normal breaths and lay your focus towards pen’s nib or tip. Stare hard at the tip for 10 seconds and then bring pen closer towards your eyes. Stare it closely for 5 seconds without blinking. Relax after this and repeat 3 times.

Face Focus Workout

Sit on a firm surface and in upright posture. Lower down your eyes and stare at the tip of your nose. Stare for 15 seconds without blinking. Bring your eyes to original position gradually. Relax for few seconds by closing your eyes. Again open your eyes and stare in between your brows. Focus here for next 20 seconds without blinking. Repeat this 3 times a day for strengthening eye muscles and for improving eyesight.


Contractions help in stretching and strengthening weak eye muscles. Sit on a firm surface and place your hands in your lap. Now tightly close your eyes by contracting eye muscles. Hold them tightly shut for 5 seconds and then open slowly. Blink eyes for 10 seconds and then relax for few seconds. Repeat this workout 4 times a day.

Vertical Workout

Vertical workout will strengthen your eye muscles. Sit erect over a firm surface and stare hard at the ceiling. Hold your gaze upward for 5 to 7 second. Return your gaze in front to your face level. Relax for 4 seconds and now look downward towards floor. Keep your gaze downward to 5 to 7 seconds. Return your gaze to face level. Relax for some time and repeat this exercise four times in a day.

Palming Workout

Use your palms to relax your eyes. Rub both the palms and warm up them. Now place them gently on eyelids and let them soak in the warmth. Keep your eyes covered until the warmth of the palms cool down. Repeat this workout thrice at short intervals.

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