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Since the times we have been kids, our parents have been after our lives to eat healthy. 'Health is wealth' is a sentence our teachers have repeated and with the lethargic generation that we have become, Healthy Eating is a mantra that we have to adopt in our lives. Many of us want to get slim without bearing the pain of the gym. Here are some tips to Balance Your Diet in your day.

1. Keep a record of what you eat
Ignorance is not bliss, especially if it is in relation with food. Write down what you eat, so that you know when you ate what and accordingly plan what and when to eat next. It will help you set limits.

2. 'Too much green' is not a phrase
Vegetables have been there for us. Always, as Snape says. They help with detoxification. At least one meal in a day should be full of vegetables and fruits.

3. Don't starve or hog
Eating a lot in one go will lead to a long interval which will make you very hungry and then the vicious cycle will continue.

4. Hydrate
Drink at least 10 glasses of water in a day. Needless to say, water does wonders for your skin, hair, diet, digestion and what not.

5. Befriend unprocessed foods
Apart from helping you gain weight, processed weight will render all your efforts at healthy eating useless. Pay attention at the labels while buying food, and try hard to avoid them. Preservatives and oils are not your buddies. Remember, Organic Food is the key for health!

  1. Cook   
    Your house has a kitchen so that you can buy organic stuff and cook in your own way. Use an air fryer instead of deep frying in Oil. Grill and barbecue foodstuffs. This way, you can control the amount of oils and fats you want to consume, along with making food your own way. Make tasty soups. Try to add fiber in your breakfast which will be delicious!

7. Tasty doesn't always mean unhealthy
Don't seek your solace in junk when healthy eating becomes a little difficult and harsh on the tongue Indulge in delicacies like pita bread and hummus. Bake a cake in your oven. Don't give up! If you feel low, use energy boosters like Natural Energy Drinks to help you through the day.

  8. Midnight snacking?
Avoid! I repeat avoid! And if you cannot, well, go boil some vegetables, add salt, pepper and olive oil and you're good to go. Not really, but still.

9. Don't seclude carbohydrates
Don't think that leaving out carbohydrates will help you. You need a little bit of everything to balance your day out. Carbohydrates give you energy. However, regulate the quantity that you have every day. You can also include some Supplements in your Diet which can help improve your immunity.

  1. Have patience while eating
    Take your time while you eat. Digestion starts from the moment you put the food in your mouth. Chew your food properly. The slower you eat the more full you'll feel. Don't multi-task while eating. Focus on your meal.

    Follow these tips, and you'll live healthy and for long. Browse through Joybynature to know more easy ways to live active and fit!


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