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Did you know that Anurag Basu, the director of critically acclaimed commercial successes like Life in a... Metro, Kites, Gangster and Murder, is a cancer survivor? Yes, this famous personality from the Indian film and television industry was detected with acute promyelocytic leukemia, a condition usually found only in children, in 2004.

Anurag, fresh from the success of his movie Murder, and reveling in the start of a new chapter in his personal life – he’s just got married to his longtime girlfriend Tani and they were expecting their first child-, was hit by the storm of the deadly disease that is seeing more and more people all over the world being affected by it, and sadly, succumbing to it.

At the time, Anurag was given two months to live, but he wasn’t one to give up hope – He wanted to live, to make more movies, to see his daughter be born and to make his dreams reality. And so he decided to stay strong - As his famous line goes, "Cancer had to fight me ... I didn't have to fight it!".

He decided to go ahead with the treatment but to downplay the severity of the disease in his mind, trying to stay upbeat and treat his disorder like one does a common cold rather than a deadly disease. He continued with his regular routine and even managed to write Life in a Metro and Gangster while undergoing treatment for cancer.

Seeking counsel from renowned specialists from Tata Memorial, and with the help of his near and dear ones, Anurag managed to beat cancer. It wasn’t easy – He was in the ICU for two weeks at a stretch, followed by long months of recovery. Even when he resumed work, he had to wear a face mask to avoid infections. With the long struggle that took place, Anurag learned many lessons for life, the main one being the change in his priorities: health, family and work preceded fame and money.

Anurag’s story is an inspiration for all of us – To keep strong, to keep going and never give up. But why not actually work on preventing such a day ever coming in your life?

Anurag, in his typical filmy manner, said that the moment he came to know of his disease was an anticlimactic one. Don’t let your life come to that. While cancer cannot be prevented completely, you can definitely work to reduce your risk of falling prey to this oft-fatal disease.

A small lifestyle change can make a big difference in your life – Ditch those cups of regular tea and coffee that you drink and switch to green tea instead. Did you know that green tea contains significant oxidants such as catechins that detoxify your body and cleanse your blood, ridding your system of harmful toxins and chemicals, and reducing the impact of carcinogens. They work on preventing various types of cancer such as of the lungs, stomach, colon, liver, pancreas, etc.

And do you know the best part? Green tea is no longer boring – It now comes in various flavours like cinnamon, cardamom, mint, ginger, tulsi, etc.

So go ahead and make this small change in your day to stay safe from cancer.


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