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A man’s style statement is often his beard. A beard, well-kept and properly groomed, gives a man a boost in self-confidence and a social status. A face full of cuts after a shave can be the most irritating thing in a man’s life, because of the irritation that it causes him throughout the day. Shaving is an art in itself, which has been passed down through generations between father and son. In most cases, the son tends to follow the style of shaving that his dad does, considering their skin conditions to be the same.

The most common form and possibly the best form of shaving is the wet shave. Wet shaving is where the face is wet through the whole process. Using a cream, brush, and razor, wet shave is most effective after a bath under a hot shower. Hot water opens the pores and allows easy shaving off even the toughest beard. The key steps to nail a perfect shave are:

  • Thoroughly wet the beard and mustache and keep wetting it for a while or best shave after a hot water bath.
  • Then apply the shaving cream on the wet beard and allow it to foam.
  • Use a razor, a proper one, and shave completely. Cleansing the razor blade regularly through the shave helps you from getting cuts and irritations.
  • Use a proper aftershave, moisturizer and cream that will keep your skin glowing and give you the perfect shave feel.

What is so important about aftershaves? Aftershave is the perfect after effect your face needs after a close shave. Alcohol-based aftershaves slows down the healing process due to cuts and hence going in for other aftershave options, like organic aftershaves, is always a better option. Organic aftershaves have innate antibacterial, cleansing, and prevents aging. All natural aftershaves have their own characteristic scent, which is usually mainly.

Since, after a shave, the skin is completely dry, more than alcohol aftershaves, moisturizing aftershaves are more necessary. These moisturizing aftershave gels give the shave a finished look, does not sting, and prevents any infection from spreading. Aftershaves come as either gels or balms. The main ingredient in an aftershave can often determine which type of skin the aftershave gel can be used for and the scent they give because organic or natural aftershaves do not contain any alcohol or esters to give special smell.

Wild Grass Aftershaves

Wild grass is best known for its moisturizing and antibacterial qualities. Wild grass is also an anti-ageing agent, which keeps the skin from getting rough and maintains the skin smoothness even after a close shave, thereby, giving your skin a clean and young look. Wild grass aftershave lotions are also a part of ayurvedic skin care and hence have been proved to keep skin healthy and fresh.

Bio Plantain Aftershaves

The one who learns to embrace nature conquers the world. Sages, from yore, have passed on information about the therapeutic values of certain herbs and certain plants, which can be used to startling effects. Aftershaves made from therapeutic plants free the skin from rashes after shaving and keeps the skin glowing. Balms are roll-on aftershaves that last long and gives your skin the required replenishment throughout the day.

Tea Tree Aftershaves

Tea is not just an awakening agent that keeps your mind healthy in the morning. Tea has so many other uses. Just like tea keeps the mind running and body healthy, using tea in aftershaves also has similar effects. Tea tree amalgams in aftershaves have a soothing effect and also reduce the inflammations. Tea tree extracts are also moisturizers, which your skin deems necessary after shaving.

Aloe Vera Aftershaves

Aloe Vera, as everyone knows, is an exceptional skin moisturizing agent and has excellent skin soothing and smoothing properties. Right from removing itchiness after shaving to reducing pimple size, Aloe Vera is an excellent organically available skin care agent. Aloe Vera hydrates your skin and keeps it moist.

These are not the only ingredients in aftershaves. Many more of these great natural ingredients that are used in aftershaves can be purchased at Joy by Nature. The range and collection of aftershaves on the website is amazing.


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