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Kajal has been part since few centuries to give us cooling under our eyes. During those times, people used to make in their homes. But now women use all branded cosmetics and chemical kajals and eyeliners. Today in the market of natural beauty and skincare, organic kajal is creating waves across women and young adults.

It is made from camphor, distilled butter, copper plate and added natural color and vegetable extracts. Today’s branded kajals promises us just great look. But organic, they promise us 100% pure and harm-free kajal to your beautiful eyes. Chemically kajal can harm our eyes and cause infection. Whereas, organic kajal keeps our eye from all the infections.

8Reasons why opt for organic kajal

  • Organic kajal avoids to enter any impurities within our eyes.
  • It refreshes and enlightens our gorgeous eyes.
  • Best beauty to moisturize and calms our under eyes.
  • It vacates our tear gland, thanks to its natural ingredients.
  • It helps in making our red vessels to remain white because of its therapeutic properties.
  • Men will just drown in your deep eyes.
  • It is 100% smudge proof and water proof.
  • Kajal protects new born babies from all bad omen and spirits.

How to use

Before applying kajal cleanse your face and more importantly your delicate eyes. Make sure that the tip of it doesn’t poke your eyes. Apply from inner to outer corners for a smoky look. For an intense look, darken the kajal area.  For long lasting use, refrigerate before using.

  Disadvantages of using branded kajals

  • Your eyes will get swollen up if you don’t remove your kajal and sleep.
  • Bad quality for the eyes and highly expensive.
  • Artificial colors and chemicals and cause severe eye infection and cancer too.
  • Attractive brands can lead to thinning of eyelashes.
  • If the product is expired, you can get allergic or have watery eyes.
  • Eye tissues can get damaged because of quality of its manufacturing defects.

Selecting the perfect organic kajal for yourself

  1. Shaeyes Herbal Kajal

For intense and sharp look use this exquisite herbal kajal which is in a stick form. This black color kajal has the authentic color and smell of the nature. It is extracted from selective herbs and almond oil which helps to cool your eyes. Reminds you of the old shingar kajal in old times. The best companion for parties, casual meets or workplace. It can be removed from a wet cotton ball.

  1. Organic Sparkle Kajal

For all the young ladies, natural beauty has dazzling kajals too. The glittery kajal has its own charm which is great for your soft skin and alluring eyes. It is crafted with handmade carbon black, vegetable oil, organic butter, natural colours and sweet almond oil. They give us soft finish and sparkling kohl. It is matt finish kajal.

  1. Moody Indigo

A wonderful color for all those party animal women who wants long lasting effect in the dark. The kajal has soft edges with a sharp tip. It is extracted from natural herbs, camphor, organic ghee, and natural pigmented color with a dash of sweet almond oil. To remove the kajal, use a cleanser or dab a wet cotton ball gently to your eyes. After cleaning, add few drops of rose water into your eyes for a good night sleep.

  1. Underwood Green

Grab yourself a bold look where people around you just get stunned from your confident attitude. This bindass kohl has natural pigments which provides cooling to your eyes. The process of making this kajal has organic mustard oil and organic ghee which takes two days to make. Hereafter, it is made into a green paste.

The best quality about these kajals are:

  • It doesn’t have crude oil, chemicals, lead, artificial dyes and animal fat.
  • A great combination of natural surroundings and materials.

It is so safe to use for your innocent eyes and makes you presentable every refreshed day. But be careful before use and make sure that you don’t have any allergies or infections under your eyes and redness of the eyes. If you have one, then use eye drops and rose water. The best medicine to cure your eye infection.


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