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Appearance is not entirely the sole aspect of life; however, it is a rather important aspect. A body that is healthy and well taken care of boosts your confidence like nothing else. The contents of a book may not be judged by its cover, but a person’s skin is pretty much an accurate reflection of their lifestyle, habits, preferences…well, almost everything in their life. How is that possible, you may think? Curious, isn’t it?

Why do we need a Healthy Skin?

The skin is a barrier between the body and the outside world, hence, affected by both–the dirt, pollution and other elements of the outside world, as well as the various reactions of the body. For example, working too much in the sun and dirt without proper protection makes the skin oily and tanned. Also, lack of proper hydration and nutrients in the body makes the skin dry and lacklustre. Whatever the case, skin is one part of the body that is the most susceptible to getting adversely affected if it is not taken care of properly.

The Path to having Great Skin

Of course, there are several creams, lotions and the like in the market that seem appealing and lucrative. But the truth is rather than the ones that have chemically synthesized ingredients, it is better to use those which have been made from natural products; preferably organic ones. The best way to take care of your skin is to detox your skin regularly by using natural elements.

The busy modern lifestyle doesn’t grant us enough time to make frequent trips to the parlour, spa, or skincare clinic; neither are those visits financially feasible all the time. There are numerous DIY methods that you can practise at home. You can use household materials to whip up a quick face scrub or a face mask; better still that you get the readily available use-at-home herbal Skincare Kits which allow you to take care of your skin at leisure.

You have to make sure that you take regular care of your skin; just because you can do it at home, don’t get lazy. Spare 15-30 minutes every week or every two weeks to give your skin some detox action.

If you keep in mind a few simple things, taking care of your skin will come easily.

  • Healthy skin comes with a healthy body. You may complain about dandruff or pimples and use an array of shampoos and face washes to get rid of them. But do you know that both these conditions are related to your digestive system? Detox your system first, and a healthy skin will come to you. Have a balanced diet including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, fibres, proportionately.

  • Drink lots of water. Hydrating your body properly is the solution to 95% of health and skin care related issues.
  • Wash your face at least twice or thrice daily to keep it fresh and clean; but not too many times.
  • Scrub your face and body from time to time. Mind you, there are different products for each.
  • Use sunscreen lotion; protect yourself from those UV rays, they’re deadly for your skin.
  • Natural ingredients are the best way of taking care of skin. They won’t have any adverse side effects or chemicals, but they’ll work their magic all the same.

  • Go organic if you can manage it, both in your diet and products. No pesticides or chemicals are used to influence their growth, so only the essential beneficial property and no impurities go inside your body.
  • Stay off junk food and fizzy drinks.
  • Use make-up wisely; don’t cake your face. And, always remember to take it off before you sleep.
  • AvoidStress. Though a psychological condition, it affects your skin as much as it affects your mind.
  • Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Love yourself. Don’t fret over every single thing that seems like an imperfection to you.

Now why don’t you try to follow these very basic principles? Doing so would make daily skincare seem less like a tedious and complicated task like most of us busy souls consider it to be. Skincare should be more like a reflex, a ritual, which comes naturally, with habit. Take care of yourself, and you’ll feel better about yourself as well.


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