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Being pregnant cannot stop a woman from using products for her skin. Skin care products that are completely natural and organic are now available everywhere. As is the case, choosing the right product is highly recommended. Getting a good and suitable skin care product is hard to come by and choosing the product needs patience.

Products that are organic or natural, as the label indicates, are made of compounds that are extracted from natural sources like fruits and plants. These are completely free from any harmful chemicals. These formulations are considered to be safe for the use of pregnant women. All that said and done, before buying these products, they need to be checked for their authenticity. The natural skin care products are purchased only after a consultation with the doctor and the dermatologist. One cannot simply take any risk by choosing a random product.

Skin products

A simple question might arise as to why pregnant women need these skin care products and why they cannot just go along by not using these. These people need to keep in mind that, even pregnant women have their needs and they need not have to compromise on looking good just because they are pregnant.

Apart from looking good, these natural skin care products are also helpful in many ways. As months pass by, the stomach slowly expands and stretch marks appear on the skin. A moisturiser or a cream can be applied over the surface of the skin where the stretch marks are present. As the hormone levels vary, acne and pimple are a common problem during these days. Skin tends to get chapped or dries up quickly. Dry skin can lead to breaking of skin and bleeding if left unattended.

Effective products for skin care

Dermatologists suggest that the use of natural and organic products can be beneficial during pregnancy. Due to the absence of chemicals, these do not pose any side effects to the health of the person. There are skin care products available to suit all kinds of skin needs of the pregnant woman. Completely filled with rejuvenating extracts, these skin care products add beauty to the pregnant woman without compromising on her health. These products contain some essential oils obtained from medicinal plants useful in ensuring a smooth pregnancy.

The extracts and the compounds that are used have had importance since the olden days. Right from use in ayurveda, these compounds are helpful and serve various medical purposes.

  • Mineral zinc:

Mineral zinc is the one found in nature before it undergoes any form of treatment for its purification. It is present in sunscreens and is considered to be safe for use by pregnant women and even babies. Since the skin turns sensitive especially during pregnancy, this keeps away the harmful substances entering the body when the person has to step out of the house.

  • Alpha and beta hydroxyl acids:

These are present in the organic fruits. Commonly used organic fruits include organic grapes and organic apples. The extract that is obtained from these can be used to overcome hyperpigmentation, improve the texture and skin tone, and brighten the skin by exfoliation.

  • Aloe Vera extract:

The organic aloe extract obtained from the juice of aloe vera plant can be used for moisturizing the skin by providing a soothing effect. The nutrients in the extract feed the skin with the required vitamins and minerals.

  • Extracts from medicinal herbs:

Extracts obtained from sage and lemon grass can provide important minerals for the purpose of rejuvenating the skin and also to keep it from drying.

These compounds are found in all the natural skin care products. Many such skin care products can be found on Joy by Nature that are completely organic.


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