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If you are yet to dye to your hair at home or at the salon, using hair color on it for the first time can be a daunting task. Read on below to understand key tips on what to keep in mind prior to coloring your hair.

  1. Make a reservation for a consultation prior to the actual appointment

    You need to realise the importance of being on the same page with your colorist with regards to what exactly you desire. Depending on a range of factors, the actual hair color appointment can take as little as an hour to finish. Or they could take two different appointments. When booking a consulting appointment first, you will most likely not book for the right amount of time that you would require in achieving the look you want. Experts feel it is a good idea to meet with the colorist beforehand in order to simultaneously pick the look, technique and shade that best suits you.

  2. Ensure you know how often you will be coloring your hair prior to your hair color appointment

    If you wish to prevent doing your roots three weeks at a time, be vocal about it. Experts say keep an open dialogue with your colorist ensures they know how dark or light to take the strands as well as the amount of color to add to your hair each time. If your colourist is aware of how often you will be coming in for touch-ups, they would be able to quickly narrow the choice of hair color to one that you can maintain. 

  3. Carry photos to your appointment

    Experts are firm believers in it being necessary to carry images of the looks you desire. Hence this way both your colorist and you share your vision. If this is your first time and you are not aware of coloring lingo, carry photos for them to be able to tell you what exactly is needed for that look and the length of commitment required. 

  4. Add a hair mask over your strands a day prior to going to your appointment

    This helps hydrate the strands getting it ready for the rough hair color process that will soon ensue. Experts suggest applying the hair mask to your hair leaving it in a bit longer than suggested to ensure your hair is quite moisturized.

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