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Hair is made up of keratin, these are lifeless basically. But it is in our hands to make them full of life. Applying or using products from the outside can help to a certain extent. But consecutive usage of these products can lead to weakening of the roots, degeneration of the scalp, dryness and various no favorable factors.

What can be done to get healthy hair? Well stick to few of these organic foods you might get positive results. You need to condition your hair even from the interior as well, as it increases your hair growth and strengthens it from within. The integrity of the keratin’s structure improves and scalp gets conditioned better than ever.

Stick to fruits: This is your new mantra. You need to avoid over consumption of oily food or junk food for that matter. No one is asking you to refrain from having a slice of pizza every now and then, but you need to get the appropriate amount of fruits into your system. They cleanse out all the toxins and improve the condition of one’s scalp.

Gallons of water: Well the phrase is just an exaggeration! Appropriate of water is necessary to be consumed. For this prevents your scalp from getting extremely oily by removing the toxins from the body and keeps your scalp from running dry by providing proper hydration. Remember, proper scalp is always necessary for strong roots. And strong roots lead to thick and healthy looking hair.

Dry Fruits: As followed by our ancestors, following this has definitely resulted in lustrous and silky hair. Almonds are topmost priority, they don’t just strengthen the roots because of their protein content, their proteins also help in giving a healthy glow and look to the hair making it look as gorgeous and healthy as ever. Almonds soaked in water over a night always does the trick, as soaking removes the heat content from the dry fruit and keeps the nutrients intact.

Consumption of Yoghurt/buttermilk: The main and foremost reason for having hair-fall will have to be the excess heat trapped within the body. This happens when the diet goes improper or when it is completely unbalanced. It is necessary to have a proper diet for this very reason. Heat getting trapped in the body can lead to various other problems too. In order to avoid this consumption of water or buttermilk always helps. Cools down the body and removes the heat content.

Leafy veggies: All the leafy vegetables including lettuce, spinach and even curry leaves for that matter, make your hair look as young as ever. Especially spinach and curry leaves, they make the hair look as dark and as thick and rich as ever. Having spinach once or twice a weak does the trick. Their iron rich nutrition provides nourishment to the hair and keeps it healthy.

Releasing the unwanted heat: As discussed earlier, the unwanted heat trapped needs to be released from the system, and for that one must require proper vent holes to do so. Changing the diet system helps. Increased consumption off water helps in removing the heat. Having the aloe-gel, yes consuming aloe gel by mixing it in some element always helps. But aloe gel helps in removing the heat out of the system as it is directly consumed.

These are few points that can easily be followed by anyone who wishes to have gorgeous looking hair. Sticking to this, don’t just help in making your hair look good but also strengthens it from within. Sometimes you need a lot more than products and elements for having healthy hair. Having a healthy and fit body also helps in having healthy and nourished hair.


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