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Beard styling is a wide sub field in the cosmetic and beauty industry. In order to implement a style it is necessary that the beard has properly grown.

  1. No matter how many times you are called an animal do keep your beard untouched for atleast 4-6 weeks.
  1. Every face type has a recommended beard style. For a square face prefer thick beard on chin and thin on the sides. For a round face, try long hair at the bottom and again short at the sides. If you have a rectangular face, fill the sides and keep less hair at the bottom. You are lucky if you have an oval face as most of the styles fit in well.
  1. Cosmetics galore! As usual the suggestion goes, stick to organic products when it comes to shaving creams and aftershaves.

  1. Like how you comb your hair, regularly you must comb your beard with a beard comb.
  1. What about the moustache? While trimming, cut the moustache under the nose using a pair of scissors.
  1. For growing a beard, nutrients are necessary. Eat plenty of green vegetables like Spinach, Lettuce. Also consume milk and nuts like walnuts and almonds, apply almond oil, etc. Remember you must be rich in Vitamin B and fat. Organic supplements can also be taken.

So let’s get to shaving in particular. Do keep your notes ready for these special points:

Shaving is not just dragging off hair!

  1. First and foremost, keep your beard clean. It may be subjected food while we eat and the dust outside. Like face do beard wash too!
  1. While shaving do show some feelings to the neckbeard. Making your neck clear is how a shaving process is completed.

  1. Stick with your beard alone. Dont dare to enter the cheek zone while shaving.
  1. Keep it plain! Dying can be harmful to the beard's health. Also never ever think of shopping accessories for your beard!


So after knowing how to maintain you can choose the style you want to keep and flaunt it!

  1. Circle beard: It is a chin beard which goes around mouth to the moustache.
  1. Verdi: A beard having rounded bottom and short. Cheeks are shaven slightly.
  1. Hollywood: It is a beard attached to a moustache present in the lower part of the chin going down to the jaw but not connecting sides.
  1. Old Dutch: This style does not contain a moustache. It is large and long, reaches outward while connected to the sides.
  1. Soul patch: A small simple beard between the lower lip and the chin.


While the market is flooding with numerous beard products, one may get mad and tear their hairs off in confusion! To avoid mishaps, here is a detailed guide:

  1. Be a self-style! You can make your own beard wax! Just take some 2 litres of water and pour in beeswax and heat. Remember to be very careful as the beeswax might explode with sudden heat. Add coconut oil, stir will mixed. Pour in a heat resistant tray and cool for some 30 minutes.
  1. Almond oil: They protect the outer protective oily layer formed by the hair. After shampooing, the hair becomes dehydrated. So Almond oil restores the layer and gives them a good shine.
  1. Jojoba Oil: Almost all hair cosmetics will have Jojoba oil. It is nontoxic, anti-inflammatory and balances organically. Moreover, it acts as a fine moisturizer and conditioner. Also, it is antifungal.

  1. Beard balm is most suitable for small beards. Beard balms usually contain shea butter which strengthens and glows the hair.


Now the beard is ready to be shown across!  Stick to organic products to groom your beard. To go with the style, keep yourself in a calm mood with a smile always. There goes a perfect man!


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