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More and more people are realizing that the use of soaps can be very damaging to the skin since most soap brands, even the high end soap manufacturers use caustic soda as a primary ingredient. This chemical is very corrosive and causes a white layer to form over the skin. Besides, soaps contain a very high pH level, which destroys the natural acid balance present in the skin. Furthermore, soaps tend to dry the skin out considerably by ripping essential oils that are naturally secreted by skin cells. Overtime, the use of soaps causes drying of the skin, tends to destroy nutrients contained in it and makes it more susceptible to microbial attack and infection. The damaging effects of soaps on the skin has made the majority turn to natural organic Body Wash formulations that contain healing essences.

Among the many herbal formulations that contain their own unique properties to energize, soothe and rejuvenate the body and senses in a holistic style, certain organic herbal combinations are especially interesting in their action.

Aroma oils derived from Black Currant, when used in Body Wash formulations, serve as perfect remedies to condition the skin, soothe the senses and impart a warm natural after bath fragrance. Soap nuts present in the majority of herbal Body Wash formulations act as an excellent cleanser with balanced pH for a fresh and brighter looking skin tone.

Honey and winter cherry when used as major ingredients in Body Wash formulations condition the skin and replenish lost oils, while also hydrating the skin. When organic honey is used on the skin, it naturallycleanses pores and exfoliates the skin to expose softer, brighter looking skin. Further, honey has the ability to moisturize cuticles and neutralize bacteria that cause acne. Winter cherry is another miraculous herb, which can fight inflammation and has a protective anti-bacterial action on the skin. Winter cherry is known to fight inflammation and has an antioxidant and anti-ageing action, effective enough even to the extent of preventing the development of cancerous cells.

Apricot is another exotic ingredient chosen in Body Wash formulations, for its ability to impart softness to the skin, through its gentle cleaning and rehydrating action. The extracts of Orris root and Neem leaves act as excellent nourishing agents alongside their cleansing action.

Organic herbal Body Wash formulations are not mere cleansers, rather soothe the body, mind and soul in a holistic way through the characteristic properties of 100% natural organic herbs contained in them. Their healing oils and aromas have the ability to affect metabolic rate and blood pressure positively, causing the body to heal itself through the flow of positive energy. Herbal organic herbs in Body Wash formulations are also excellent remedies to achieve considerable reduction in stress levels. The calming and soothing feeling after the use of an organic herbal Body Wash can seldom be denied when pure organic herbal oils are present.

The medicinal value of organic herbal oils included in Body Wash formulations goes way beyond the alleviation of stress and normalizing of major body processes to relieving sleeplessness and insomnia, healing minor skin injuries and bruises, relaxing and imparting a refreshing feeling to tired muscles, and flexing tired, stiff joints. Organic herbal Body Wash formulations are great stress relievers and positively affect the mood.

Herbal Body Wash gels that have pure essences of tried and tested elements of Ayurveda have made a prominent position in the market burgeoning with thousands of body and facial cleansers. Evidently, this is attributed to the medicinal value of herbs that can be derived through daily gentle cleansing. In a lifestyle of stress and a toxic polluted environment, these pure organic Body Wash formulations are a must have in every person’s grooming checklist.

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