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There are various organic body butters available which give nourishment to your skin and make it glowing and soft.

Body butters that can make you more beautiful:

  • Natural Bath & Body Wild Orchid Body Butter: The body butter has ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, macadamia nut oil and beeswax which can quench the thirst of your dry skin and seal the moisture.
  • TbcBy Nature Hydrating Rose Body Butter: The body butter’s main ingredient is rose, which was used by ancient Greeks and Romans to perfume their baths. The body butter helps to fight signs of aging while deepening moisture and protection. The rich, luxurious cream absorbs easily to soften, smooth and nourish the skin with a sweet essence of rose.

  • Nyassa Almond Body Butter: The body butter is enriched with almond which can rejuvenate extremely dry skin. It works as a sun protector too.

  • Khadi Natural Chocolate & Honey Body Butter: The body butter from Khadi natural which has Cocoa as the main ingredient is an anti-wrinkle agent. It contains powerful anti-oxidant properties that prevent damage to your skin's collagen, restoring and maintaining your youthful glow. Honey is also a gentle, healthy, natural moisturizer.

  • TbcBy Nature Reviving Papaya Body Butter: The body butter has papaya which contains Vitamin A & Papain.The enzyme papain breaks down inactive proteins and eliminates dead skin cells. The vitamin A works as an anti-oxidant, thus healing your rough and dry skin.

  • Sos Organics Mandarin Body Butter: The body butter has a lively, cheerful and sensual aroma, enriched with mandarin and cedar essential oil that will keep you feeling fresh all day long. Rich and hydrating, this body butter is excellent for dry skin.

  • TbcBy Nature Revitalizing Cucumber Body Butter: The body butter is loaded with cucumber extract which has rejuvenating vitamins that soothe and soften the skin. Cucumber is known for its cooling properties which help keep your skin supple and fresh. Shea butter improves, protects and hydrates dry skin.

  • Nyah Peach, Grapes & Cherry Blossom Natural Face & Body Butter: The body butter hydrates and protects your skin. Luscious peach with a note of uplifting grapes fragrance will leave your skin delicately scented. Shea butter in combination with sunflower, almond and avocado oil nourishes the skin, restoring its elasticity and smoothness.

  • TbcBy Nature Replenishing Pomegranate Body Butter: The body butter is loaded with pomegranate which has anti- oxidants and vitamin C, that works as an anti- ageing cream & moisturizer.

  • Nyah Sandalwood & Olive Natural Face & Body Butter: The body butter  has sandalwood that cures, rejuvenates and pampers your skin. Shea butter in combination with sunflower, almond and olive oil nourishes and smoothes your skin effectively.

  • Inveda Body Butter Cream: The body butter from Inveda is enriched with Vanilla &Almond extracts. Its soothing texture & aroma relaxes the body & mind, leaving the skin rejuvenated & nourished. It has anti-oxidants & stimulating emollients. It instantly smoothens & nourishes skin, also helps in whitening & brightening the complexion of the body.

  • Tbc By Nature Nutritious Moringa Body Butter: The body butter is enriched with moringa which is loaded with essential minerals and antioxidants that are retrieved from moringa oil, which helps in resisting free radicals from causing hardness of skin tissue and losing its resistance, as a result leading to the appearance of dry skin and wrinkles.

These body butters are SLS, SLES, paraben free & 100% natural. Just take a dollop and massage it delicately until it gets absorbed completely. Use these everyday to get glowing, smooth and touchable skin without any side effects.


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