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Bath salts are available today in a multitude of fragrances for you to pick from. From strong to mild, you can choose your pick. If used correctly, they can also make you look and feel beautiful inside out. They can change your mood in a jiffy and before you know it you are in the lap of luxurious comfort and peace of mind free of all the stress.

Bath salts are basically salts that are flavoured with different fragrances. They might be natural or processed. The best bet is to of course opt for the natural and organic ones that will not cause any harm to your skin in the long run.

Using Bath Salts

Dissolve the bath salts in a tub of water that is preferably warm. The quantity of salt used will vary with each individual and also the strength of the fragrance of the salt. Wait till the salt is dissolved and the fragrance fills the entire place. Then it is time to kick back and cherish the soothing experience that you are about to offer yourself. Apart from this, bath salts can also be used to exfoliate your skin to make it smooth and supple. All you have to do is to make a thick paste and apply it. Wash it off after a few minutes and the difference will be remarkable.

Also, these bath salts can be used to lighten up your living room or bedroom. They can be added to transparent vases and jugs to cast the room with a coloured light that will give it an overall appealing effect.


Benefits of Bath Salts

  • The most obvious one is that they soothe, relax and heal your mind. You can let your guard down and enjoy a break from the stress-free and hectic life out there.
  • Organic salts are a source of abundance of minerals and can leave your skin feeling smoother and a lot healthier.
  • They can cure a variety of issues ranging from insomnia to high blood pressure as they relax your mind and lessen the levels of stress. They can also relax muscles.
  • You will smell a lot fresher and better and can happily wave goodbye to body odour.
  • They act as scrubbers, exfoliators, moisturizers and also cleaners apart from their other beauty benefits.

They can be used by almost everyone except when you are pregnant or are allergic to something. In these cases, it is an absolute must that you consult a doctor before using these. If you are not happy with the smell, there are unscented bath salts available too that are just as effective as the scented ones.

The Experience

Not all of us can afford and indulge in something exotic now and then, but with these bath salts we truly can. As you slip into the tub with the lingering fragrance around you, it will truly be like a glimpse of heaven. This is also used as a therapy to cure anxiety and depression where patients can relax and heal to a particular extent. By the time you leave your tub, you will definitely be craving for your next date with a tub of warm water and your favourite bath salt.

When health, hygiene and stress buster is all combined into one, it is the best gift that you can ask for. Treat yourself to an exotic bath today and watch the world of difference those minutes can make to your day.


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