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Kajals have always been the most loved beauty trend of women used to bold defined the eyes. How would you feel if it comes out and splashes on your face within the 4 hours of putting it? Here is the best solution if you’re dealing with problems like irritation in eyes’ delicate skin, smudge issues etc. Do you remember the homemade kajals that our mother and grandmother used to create at home? Now, anyone can attain the benefits of homemade and organic kajals through various retailers. Made up of all natural ingredients, without any use of chemicals, this wide variety of organic kajals are beneficial in many ways. Moreover, why should we marry the age old tradition of purity with modern chic? When it comes to our delicate skin, it’s always better to use organic products instead of highly engulfed chemical products of beauty.

These days, women are in love with organic kajal. Enriched with natural ingredients like Triphala, Damask rose, pure almond oil and castor oil, the herbal eye definers always adds that luster and shine to the eyes. There is a wide range of organic kajal of various brands like Soultree, Bio Almond etc.

Benefits of organic kajals

Here you check out why now most of the women have switched to organic kajal and love using it:

  • Totally natural product:

Made up of pure natural ingredients, herbal and organic kajals incur no use of chemicals in its making. In fact, its special combination of ingredients like precious herbs, vegetable oils and waxes help to maintain and improve vision. Ingredients like herbs, different mixture of oils like castor and almond, triphala helps eyes look even shinier.

  • Smooth texture:

Women really love this feature of smooth texture of organic kajals on delicate skin of eyes. Just one single stroke of kajal on eyes gives intense look of color to eyes. It gives homemade effect while putting it on eyes. Texture of organic kajals is very smooth to apply and spreads easily within few minutes of applying it. It’s in fact very easy to apply, no tugging and pulling required. It spreads evenly and does not cause any sort of irritation to the eyes as organic kajals incur no harsh chemicals in its making.

  • Pure and mild smell:

It’s pure and mild smell of herbs and camphor gives a refreshing effect to eyes and to yourself too. Women love its lovely smell and also the buttery ingredients of kajal feels a little cooler and calmer. Due to its smooth ingredients one can easily use it on waterline, lower lash line and even on tightline of eyes’ skin.

  • Deep color shade:

It gives the look of jet black color after applying it on eyes. Although, it is available in many other color variants too, one can choose whichever color they want. It comes also in black base packaging twist up with sharp bullet point. It is also very travel-friendly and every age of women can use it without any hesitation.

  • No side effect:

Since it is made up of all natural and organic ingredients and incur no chemical, organic kajals cause no side effects to skin. In fact, the herbal ingredients provide soothing and cooling effect to the eyes. The night application of this kajal gives thick lash line in the morning. The herbal goodness, cooling sensation and the eyelash thickening properties make women love organic kajals.

  • Available in affordable prices:

Different variants of colors are available in affordable prices. Check out wide variety of different organic kajals and attain galore of benefits. Keep your eyes safe from harsh chemicals and provide soothing effects from herbal ingredients.

Organic kajals can take the beauty of your eyes to a whole new level and keep it nourished with natural products at the same time. Check out variety of organic products here.


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