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Organic is the new happening thing in markets all across the globe. There are organic fruits and organic vegetables, organic processed foods and even organic makeup. Thus, they decided to make organic perfumes to benefit the world and as a style statement. Organic perfumes are said to be better than the synthetic perfumes due to a variety of factors. Here are some factors why:

  • Combats sensitivity: Have you ever had a sneezing fit or extreme irritation in your nasal cavity, seconds after you sprained your favorite perfume on yourself? Or do you at the end of the day get splitting headaches after spraying a fancy perfume at the start of the day? Most synthetic perfumes cause this as opposed to most organic perfumes. Organic perfumes are made in such a way so as to take into consideration sensitive skin and for people who are allergic to strong scents. This is because organic perfumes do not use any ingredients that are grown with the help of pesticides or insecticides. Some synthetic perfumes use compound of petrochemicals which cause headaches and migraine. This is not the case with organic perfumes as they are almost 100% natural. It also does not cause any infection or skin allergies due to the absence of any alcohol in the perfume.


  • Better quality: Organic perfumes target customer satisfaction more than synthetic perfumes do. Also, they are more ethical as they are not tested on animals unlike those perfumes that use musk and have proved to harm the animals that they are tested upon. The use of natural ingredients of a better quality has healing properties and helps enlighten the mood and provides a calming effect. Also these perfumes do not stain any clothes that they come in contact with because of its superior quality. When mixed with another organic perfume, it does not give an unpleasant smell as opposed to synthetic perfumes. These perfumes are made with handpicked ingredients that are from the finest of producers.


  • Health benefits: Apart from making you smell wonderful, organic perfumes have other amazing benefits so it is a win-win situation! For example, perfumes that contain geranium are said to prevent mood swings by controlling hormonal levels in the body while those that have undertones of cedar wood are said to have medicinal benefits. Those perfumes that use the Bulgarian rose are said to increase self-confidence and self-worth, making you love yourself more. These organic perfumes not only contain all natural products but traces of minerals and vitamins that nourish the skin. All in all, organic perfumes have many health benefits that are absent in synthetic perfumes. Thus, there are rejuvenating and refreshing properties in organic perfumes.


  • A little goes a long way: Organic perfumes are said to be cheaper than synthetic perfumes because of the absence of any chemical processes. Because of its natural fragrance, a little applied on the body stays for a very long time. They have a remarkable shelf life as it is all natural. It mixes with the natural smell of the body and smells unique on everyone. The base, heart and top notes are distinct, and can be differentiated with only a little of the product.


  • Environmental aspects: Organic perfumes do not cause any damage to the environment, thus being eco-friendly. Also, they are biodegradable which means that they can easily be recycled because it is made of natural products. The growth of ingredients used for these perfumes, do not harm the soil and is thus an added advantage. In the case of synthetic perfumes, the chemicals are discharged into river bodies and create problems for other countries and their environment.

Organic perfumes can add a certain exotic charm to your air and make you attractive and desirable. Check out the best collection of organic perfumes.


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