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The countdown for the new year has begun. While there are only a few days left to bid adieu this year and give the new year a warm welcome, there are fewer days left to prepare for the new year’s party. Isn’t it fun to sing, dance and enjoy your way to the new year? This way the previous year ends on a happy note and the new year begins with a bang! We start preparing for the new year’s party well in advance, a nice dress/pair of jeans and shirt matching and comfortable footwear, perfect accessories to go with and what not. But there is a small detail, we often overlook which is fragrance. Yes, I know, new year’s party is hosted on 31st of December every year, when the winter is at the peak and when nobody sweats, but still I feel that one should wear a good perfume not to screen the odor but to feel fresh and fragrant throughout the party. A body mist is one of the best perfumes for your body. Here are a few tips and tricks to stay fresh and fragrant using a body mist for this new year’s party.




  1. Don’t Rub It 

My uncle deals in perfumeries, that is why I know so much about perfumes and scents. The perfumes that we use have three levels or notes, top note, middle note and base note. The top notes in perfumes are the ones that instantly react with the skin and the air and release the scent. This is a very delicate note and makes the most lasting impression. Due to their light molecular structure, they fade away first. This is why it is important to remember that you should not rub your perfume on your body, just spray it or dab it on your skin and let the magic happen.


  1. Moisturize Your Body 

Your body tends to retain more fragrance when it is moist. This is why it is advisable to apply a body mist just after you shower. You can also use an odorless moisturizer or petroleum jelly to moisturize your skin and then apply the body mist to make the fragrance stay longer. Now you know why cologne work so well on your skin after shaving?


  1. Know Your Right Fit 

An interesting thing about scents is that each scent smells different on different people. If you are wondering why this happens, let me explain you. Each person has a fragrance of his/her own, so when he/she uses an external perfume, this perfume reacts with their body fragrance and produce a unique scent. This is why it is important to check how a particular body mist smells along with your body fragrance. It’s not necessary that what smells great on your friend will smell good on you too.



  1. Fragrant Body 

Most of us use a body mist or perfume on our arms, neck and underarms, but there are other body parts where these mists work like a charm, last longer and thus keep you fresh and fragrant for a long time. If you are willing to stay fresh for a longer period of time, try spraying your body mist on your hair. Hair tends to hold the scent for a long, a word of advice, though, do not apply the body mist directly to your hair, it will dry up your hair. If you want to apply body mist on your hair to keep it smelling good for long, apply some of your perfume on your hair comb and gently brush your hair with it. You can also spray the body mist in the air, at your head level and walk through it. This will ensure that your hair absorbs the required amount of perfume without actually overdoing it. Another place, where you should definitely use a body mist is your shoes. Irrespective of whether or not you are going to take your shoes out, you should pump a couple sprays in your shoes to keep them fresh and fragrant.

 Always remember that a body mist not only screens the odor produced by your body, it also makes you feel fresh and confident, with you leaving a trace (literally!) of yourself where ever you go. Now that you know how to stay fresh throughout the new year’s party, put on your dancing shoes and put your best foot forward to welcome the new year.




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