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A well-known makeup “secret” that goes around is that well-made eyes and lips can transform your looks from drab to glam!



This New Year, surprise people around you with a really glam look. Be the highlight of every New Year party with some exquisitely crafted eye and lip makeup products.

Organic Eye Products

Eyes are one of the most sensitive and precious organs in our body. While you may purchase any eye makeup that you can lay your hands on, care must be taken to pick and choose an eye product that is free from harmful chemical agents as these might lead to eye infections and weaken eyesight. Organic Kajals find good place in this scenario as they are unadulterated and free of any harsh chemicals that may harm the eyes.


Organic Kajals are made from naturally using vegetable extracts and herbs that are good for the eyes. These kajals are gentle to the eyes and improve vision problems, sooth and calm the eye muscles and act as cleansing agents. Many of them are spiked with organic ghee or organic almond oil which act as purifying agents and make the kohl safe. Glam up your eyes with these organic wonders that can be a great addition to any beauty or make-up pack.

Don’t fret! You have one of the widest selection of organic varieties of kajals to give you a hot, smoky look or a simple elegant eye-do. Choose the one that best suits your skin type and preferred style! Kajal application is considered an art and you can experiment with your looks to get the desired effect. In fact, just like their chemical laden counterparts, organic kajals too come in a variety of hues -from indigo to brown or purple haze to fern green and golden.

Take your pick to add an extra suaveness to your looks this New Year with a dash of nourishment to your eyes!

Organic Lipsticks

While kajals are a given with any female, when it comes to picking lipsticks, the fairer sex can be really choosy! Lustre and longevity of the application are considered important while making a choice for a lipstick. Chemical-based lipsticks do offer these in abundance but the toxins that are found in these chemicals rob your lips of the much-required nourishment and moisture leaving them lackluster along with other health perils due to the highly toxic lead content.Organic lipsticks can be a great substitute here.


One often misperceives that organic lipsticks lack luster is but a myth though. A good organic lipstick has the ability to highlight the lips just like the chemical ones and it in turn also nourishes and moisturizes the lips being made from natural plant extracts and thus having the goodness of these natural ingredients. These are free of any animal fat and are 100% vegetarian. Choose one this new Year to have fuller, healthy lips.


Organic lipsticks come in all the popular shades as well as in gloss as well as matte finish to give you the freedom to adorn your best and most preferred look. As a quick style guide for the much-awaited New Year Eve party choose from among one of the hot looks doing the round this season:

  • Pick a gloss lipstick or a sheer lipstick if you have a nude make-up on mind. Accentuate your lips with a dash of colour to give you that glam look!
  • Use a matte lipstick if you have full lips and want to show-off the colour without making them the highlight of your face.
  • For a semi-matte look, try a creamy lipstick to give you the soft and supple baby lips look.

Add spark to your pout for the New Year selfie with friends!!

New Year is round the corner. Make your purchase of a complete makeup combowith organic kajals and lipsticks to gear up for the New Year party!

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