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If your lips are in such or similar state this season, this is a big reason to worry and a concern that just can’t be ignored or left to fate. Just like our body parts are so important to us and we want to be at the best all time, lips also are one major constituent of those parts and that too one of the most vulnerable ones. Since lips don’t have glands to secrete oil or sweat, they face the damage to the greatest extent are easily damaged. Few causes of lips turning patchy and dry majorly in winters include-

  • Environment around

The atmosphere plays a great role in damaging our lips, particularly dry air of wintersthat steals moisture from our lips and sun’s ultraviolet rays that trigger sunburn, dryness and even cancer. So do ensure to carry a lip balm that is at least SPF.

  • Licking of lips

Well you might be thinking that what that has to do to your lips, but beware my dear, that harms your lips to a lot of extent. Whenever you lick them, moisture goes off the lips through evaporation, and they are left dry. Instead stop that practice and use a moisture rich lip balm that keeps your lips hydrated for long.

  • Aging

Really heartbreaking to know, but aging does cause lips to get drier and they lose the baby lip like properties as they age. A study conducted by NorthWestern University states that as lips age, their layer becomes thinner and as a result, lips lose the protective oil and water that keeps them hydrated.

  • Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamin deficiency affects the body in many ways and it reflects on the lips as well. Few sources of moisture to lips are Vitamin B1, B2 and B6. So if you lack these, you might be suffering from those dry lips. So add whole grains, nuts, breads, milk, pork, eggs to your diet and also check with your doctor if you exceed in Vitamin A in your body as that causes peeling lips. 

  • Toothpaste

You might be surprised, but using Toothpaste over lips also causes lips to be dry and irritated. That is because toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulphate that causes lips to go dry. So try using some other toothpaste and especially check for contents as some contain those dehydrating alcohols as well.

Once you correct all these above habits and practices, your lips would get naturally glossy and speak for themselves. Few more suggestions to keep those lips great forever-

  • Drink a lot of water to maintain appropriate moisture in the body, that keeps the lips going naturally
  • If using lip balms, use natural and organic ones as per your needs.
  • If you consume a lot of citrus fruits, just pause a little or reduce the intake altogether. Condition of your lips will certainly improve because the acids in those fruits cause irritation to dry and patchy lips and worsen the conditions.

So if you analyze the causes and pay attention to the steps to mitigate the effects, you will definitely achieve those baby soft lips even this winter. Happy Winter!


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