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Lip Balm is used to moisturize your lips so that they do not get dry. Lips get damaged fast when exposed to extreme hot or cold conditions. Protect your lips with lip balms in these winters just like you take care of your skin.

The skin on your lips is very close to the blood supply, giving them red or pink color. Due to the absence of oil glands on lips, they dry very quickly. This is called chapping of lips. We all need to protect our lips from cold weather. Chapping situation can be easily handled if some sort of moisturizer is applied on lips daily. Here are a few recommendations of lip balms to take good care of your lips:

  • Coconut Lip Balm:

One of the best moisturizer to soften your lips is coconut lip balm. It is a combination of shea butter, aloe and coconut. It distributes strong motorization to the lips which makes your lips softer, shinier and more beautiful.

  • Raspberry Lip balm:

Moisturize your lips with the deliciously fruity lip balm. It provides flavor and moisture for more kissable lips. Deep pink color provides the same to your lips and makes them look shinier. Moreover, you can’t ignore the pleasant smell.

  • Vanilla lip balm:

Vanilla lip balm is made from natural and organic ingredients. It acts like a soft treat for your lips and create a delicious, intoxicating vanilla scent. It also offers protection from sun for regeneration of your skin.

  • Pina colada lip balm

Pina colada is a mixture of coconut and tropical pineapple flavors. It will let your lips stay smooth despite weather conditions. The superior moisture it provides makes you flaunt a pouty smile in front of others. For already chapped lips, this balm is a healing spell which creates a perfect blend of smooth and non-sticky feel.

  • Watermelon Lip balm

A sweet smelly fruity flavor that leaves your lips looks gorgeously stunning. Pucker up your lips after you apply this lip balm and feel the essence of silky and smooth lips. Combination of watermelon along with other pigments provides natural healing and scent leaving capability to your lips. Let your lips hydrated, soft and shiny with watermelon rich antioxidant rich lip balm.

There are so many types of lip balms but it can be tedious to find out the perfect one. With DIY in vogue, lip balms have also gone handmade. Many people prefer to choose DIY products because of overuse of chemicals in the readymade ones. With the shift in scenario, lip balms are also made at home and without any mixing of harmful products.


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