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Nothing is better than a product that conserves your natural skin enhancing your natural beauty. Organic lipsticks are a boon to the women of this era, where an outer confidence beats out every appearance! And when you’re sure of your unharmed flawless lips that will speak out your heart, Confidence comes naturally!


Organic Lipsticks come with organic components that enhance the shine of your lips and keep them hydrated. The ecstatic blend of Shea butter and jojoba oil does all the magic of the brightness and smoothness of your lips. Shea butter protects your lips from the harmful UV rays of the sun and prevents drying of the lip epidermis. Jojoba oil is an emollient when applied to the skin. It soothes skin and repairs the chapped skin.


Lead is a neurotoxin that can cause physical as well as physiological problems in the body. It can cause absurd alteration in your linguistic skills and can lead to behavioural issues as well. The US Food and Drugs Administration came to a conclusion after various rounds of test sessions that any amount of lead in any kind of cosmetic protect is heavily injurious to health. With time the lead content in your body and destroy your inner health.

 Well the Goddess of beauty bestows grace upon you here as the Organic Lipsticks are LEAD-FREE.


Organic lipsticks come with a blend of fabulous organic compounds that just don’t want to see you age prematurely.  The three basic organic ingredients that we have in store to let your lips look divine lifelong are:

TITANIUM OXIDE(provides SPF 15), ZINC OXIDE(defends your lips against both Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays of the sun), IRON OXIDE(aftermath UV protection).


There can be nothing better happening to you when your lips smell the way they look! SO EATABLE! When you yourself feel that your lips are an utterly delicious kind of stuff and can easily seduce even the most formal of an environment, you definitely are the GIRL DRESSED LIKE A DAYDREAM THERE!

 We have used organic, natural products as well as the flowers, the oils and the fruits that come all way down from heaven to give your lips all they deserve, smell like the Angels from the Heaven. We forbid all the man-made aromas that are highly toxic and can lead to cancerous diseases and nervous system disorders.

So, we love your lips no lesser than you love them. We cherish to see you happy and so we have brought to you a range of organic lipsticks that will instil you with fun and frolic while you cherish the safer side of beauty. From the best minerals in the universe to the best creations of the nature, we have in here a vivid recipe that will turn your lips into a sensuous delicacy! Love your lips the way you want to, while we are taking care of their innocence and their tenderness! So, come to us. We are here to handle them with care!


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