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We provide a wide range of effective and classy roll on collection. Made from pure essential oils and ingredients, our roll on provide the customer with a beautiful experience via its fragrance. The best sorted roll on from our large and wide range of collection are:

  1. Anti-Snoring Roll on

Made from the pure extracts of marjoram, basil, geranium and lavender, our Anti-Snoring roll on is an effective roll on that helps treat the customer’s snoring problems via aromatherapy. Snoring is caused by vibration of soft tissues present in the throat and this problem is not an easy one to deal with. Our Anti-Snoring roll on via its scent helps the clear the entire tract of the throat in order to ensure smooth breathing. It helps ease of the tensions in the muscles of the throat by clearing the mucous and removing the blockage.Our Anti-Snoring Roll on are highly effective and are recommended as a very good remedy by numerous aromatherapy specialists.

  1. Anxiety relief Roll on

Today anxiety is a major problem among the urban population. Each and every task that a human being does according to his/her schedule multiplies the anxiety. Our specially designed Anxiety relief roll on is one solution to calming down the mind and stripping it off all the anxiety that was piled on throughout the day. Made from lavender, ylang-ylang, bergamot and orange, the Anxiety relief roll on with its unique combination of fragrances helps calm down the brain and help the customer do away with the anxiety. With the unique properties contained by the major ingredients, it is proven that they help reduce the tension, pressure and accumulated anxiety in the brain.

  1. Immune Boost

Today’s time is a time of abundant diseases. A weak immune system is nothing short of a nightmare today. Made from tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary, our Immune Boost roll on are proven to help the customer better his/her immune system. The ingredients have proven to beat off diseases like common cold and flu, the aroma of it stimulates the body have better preparation on fighting off the diseases. And the highly antibacterial properties of the lemon also help ease off the bacteria and cool down the body.

  1. Feel Sexy Roll on

Feeling good about oneself is the key to succeeding in today’s world. A person is always measured by his legitimate confidence with the over and under-confident being pushed back. Made with the unique blend of Rosemary, grapefruit, Peppermint and Lemon, our collection of Feel Sexy roll on help a person feel good about himself/herself in their own way. The citrus elements of the roll on help trigger the happiness centre of the brain thus boosting confidence, character and eventually opening doors for new opportunities. The element of Rosemary stimulates the attention centre of the brain and helps keep the person focused and alert.

  1. Energy Roll on

The world is growing at a rapid pace and so are the opportunities. All the activities that a modern human has to perform suck out every iota of energy out of him/her. Made from Rosemary, Peppermint, grapefruit and Lemon, our specially formulated Energy roll on are sure to fill one with the energy one needs to stand out. The unique blend of aroma helps trigger the action centre of brain and helps curb the laziness and exhaustion of a person. The citrus ingredients of the roll on help stimulate the user’s concentration and enthusiasm centres so as to help one face the world with the head help high.

A wide variety of organic roll ons are available which can refresh your mind and body and also help to regain your strength. End your day with the same energy as you started with natural roll-ons.


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