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Acne is one of the most annoying conditions, especially among teenagers and youngsters and tends to have a marked effect on not just the facial skin, but also on the psyche. Acne is usually a long-term disease and affects the self-esteem of an individual, and can also lead him into depression, stress and anxiety, affecting life quality and personality development. Acne is caused when the skin tends to produce more oil, known as sebum than it is normally supposed to. The cycle of overproduction of sebum results from many factors, the most common being consumption of high calorie, oily substances or an imbalance of hormones in the system. Subsequently, tiny pores on the skin surface get blocked when dust and pollutants settle on the oil surface and block them completely. Acne prone skin containing more oil than normal becomes susceptible to bacterial infection and results in inflammation and makes pimples markedly visible on the skin.

However, acne can be controlled and negated through the right combination of Acne and Pimple Care treatment choices. Acne care through the use of natural, organic herbal formulations are most efficacious and tend to produce long lasting effects that prevent recurrence during the lifetime.


Organic natural herbs intended for Acne and Pimple Care have rare and specific medicinal properties and their action on the resolution and prevention of acne is markedly different from any other chemical agents available in the market today. Herbal formulations are naturally predisposed to controlling inflammation and infection, which is characteristic to acne and can effectively treat even severe cases when used regularly. Further, their safety factor is very high when compared to the use of traditional options like retinoid, topical formulations, antibiotics and several other emulsions and chemical agents.


Acne and Pimple Care formulations made from the essences of winter green are most prominent in curbing the ailment safely and effectively. Winter green reduces inflammation and heals and cools skin as it soothes and clears away blemishes and scars produced by acne. Winter green also moisturizes the skin to make it considerably less dry and reduces flakiness and a rough appearance.

Daruhaldi is an excellent agent for Acne and Pimple Care since it has the ability to fight infection and destroy underling bacteria. Extracts of Echinacea when used for Acne and Pimple Care, help fight infections and have a marked effect on the regeneration of healthy, blemish free skin. Olive leaf is one of the best antioxidants available naturally and can prevent the skin from getting an aged look as well as soothes damaged skin.


Sea weed keeps the skin clear by helping it get rid of excess oils. Scientists also claim that the chemical nature of sea weeds effectively controls and curbs bacterial growth overtime. The essences of tea tree oil are effective in clearing away dark spots. Tea tree oil also acts as an effective antiseptic and antibacterial agent, and controls the production of sebum, thereby unblocking pores and clearing away grease. Rose water is known for its cooling and moisturizing properties. It stimulates cell growth especially around acne prone skin and rejuvenates the skin surface, triggering the natural healing mechanism. The extracts of grapes when used as Acne and Pimple Care agents have an antioxidant effect and help replenish damaged skin. Grape extract contained in Acne and Pimple Care formulations also controls the growth of bacteria and heals skin naturally.


When it comes to along term and effective Acne and Pimple Care regimen, there is nothing more promising than the use of carefully selected herbal remedies that have been grown organically and extracted and packaged at manufacturing facilities adhering to high standards of quality and purity.

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