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Eyes are windows to your soul. Keep your window clean and attractive by applying organic kajal. Kajals give your personality a flaunting look and maintains that you get the attention of the crowd. Eyes that stand out in a crowd catch most benefits.

What organic kajals actually are?

Organic kajals are ayurvedic cosmetics which are passed on through generations by the wise ancients. Organic kajal is healthy soot constituted with ingredients like camphor, olive oil and other plant and animal extracts. Considered as medicinal substitute, it is free of chemical that are present in other synthetic products which are easily available in market but are harmful for eyes and cause a variety or infections.

Why organic kajals?

  • They are eco-friendly. Eyes are the most delicate organ. Chemical cosmetic products contain a lot of chemical which can damage your vision as well as skin. By switching to organic products, you are rid of risky compounds like petroleum and aluminium compounds.
  • They will your eyes healthy.
    • A line of kajal around your eyes protects from sun’s glare
    • Organic kajal  contain plant constituents which cools your eyes
    • It keeps your eyes clean and prevents many kinds of infections and small ruptures that occur along the eye line due to pollution
  • Organic kajals are full of nutrients. The goodness of ayurvedic care nourishes the skin and keeps the eyes lively with grace. They even conserve the youth of your eyes.

How to apply Organic Kajal

  1. Wash your eyes
  2. Dry the eyes and massage gently on the exterior with a moisturiser
  3. Make sure the kajal tip is smooth and apply gently on the lower lid, then on the upper lid.
  4. Apply second line over the top to give a more prominent look. Extend as desired.
  5. Store the kajal in a cool, dry place, preferably in fridge.
  6. Wash off before you fall sleep at night

Here are a few kajals to pick from for magnificent eyes every day.

Almond Kajal Blister

Consisting of the integrity of badam,amla, multhi, karpoor and almond oil, the Almond Kajal is the soul of organic envisage. Deep black colour with a smooth texture, this will keep your spirits high throughout the day. Stroke gently inwards from the outer rims and see the rich effect of the organic kajal on your eyes. Apply as needed.

Moss Velvet Organic Kajal

The moss velvet kajal works wonder on your eyelid. Even as you glide it across the eye line for the first time, you can feel the joy as all you require to wear is just one stroke; you already fell in love with it. The moss green colour will bring out the charm of your eyes. Apply and smudge as desired to give a finishing look.

24 Carat Organic Kajal

The rich coarse texture of amber shade of the 24 carat organic kajal will help you pull off that gypsy look you wanted to try out for the weekend. Try the smokey eye look with this kajal and wear a colourful dress and some get chunks of jewellery to go with.

 Purple Haze Organic Kajal

This amazing shade of purple will take you places. The deep lines stroke with this organic kajal will liven up your eyes and give you a sharp look. Who doesn’t like the colour purple! It goes with everything and if you’re a simplicity loving girl, you can wear it daily with your regular jeans. But mind you, it attracts compliments!

Dark Brown Organic Kajal

The dark brown kajal can give you the headstrong afternoon look at work. It is durable and long lasting, as well as it can be carried around during travel, no trouble, without breaking. Strike it along the eye line two to three times for the deepness in colour. Or, you can keep a light brown shade.

So these were a selection of organic kajals to choose from. Remember, eyes speak. Let them speak out your heart’s colour with different shades of organic kajals.


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