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There is famous proverb in an Indian language that roughly translates into ‘Even if you become the king of the world, never stop listening to your grandma’s advice’, and it is so right when it comes to dealing with beauty care. Grandma always has this knack of giving you great tips, which, otherwise, you would have had no idea about. Granny’s tips are always so perfect and so unorthodox that you will never get to hear them at any parlor. Synthetic beautifiers are really not as strong and as effective, because they just give an immediate effect and produce many side effects later. The side effects of using synthetic beautifiers are

  • Multiplied pimples.
  • Early hair falls.
  • In the worst case, even cancer.

You get a pimple; grandma has a way out for it. Dandruff problems; again grandma’s there to sort it out. Hair fall issues; definitely grandma knows. Then what about waxing? Surely, grandma wouldn’t know, right? But, you could never be so wrong because in India, grandmothers and their grandmothers and their whole lineage was into the habit of wearing turmeric and bathing, turmeric is a naturally available ingredient, which prevents hair growth on body parts and it is a natural anti-toxicant. Beauty is not about maintaining the perfect figure, but beauty is about maintaining what is already given to you and making that look the best.

For the most natural way of beautifying yourself, go to grandma. Grandma’s tips are as good as all those synthetic bleaching agents, plus, you don’t have to bleach your face to make it bright. It is just not about the face; granny knows about moisturizing as well. Natural beauty is what makes Indians differ from others. Moisturizing creams were non-existent in those times, but you realize that your grandma’s skin is still shiny and soft. How in the world do they do that? It is because they know everything that is available naturally to soothe your body. Beauty enhances self-respect, which, you can see, is abundant in any grandma.

Natural and organic beauty care products go a long way in making you feel comfortable and confident about yourself over a long period. Though the effect of a synthetic cream or hair regrowth solutions is immediate, it is of no use in the long run.

Hair Care

Hair fall signs these days are seen even in teens these days. It is primarily because of the extreme use of synthetic components like hair creams, hair styling gels, etc. Instead, using coconut oil, or herbal hair regrowth creams, your hair can be made beautiful and thicker.

Neem is a naturally occurring tree that has so many anti-toxic applications that even sitting around a neem tree has medicinal benefits. Imagine a hair growth solution that contains neem wood. Wouldn’t it be the best?

Face Care

Sometimes, all that your face needs are rejuvenating using face wash. Face wash rejuvenates and cleanses the face off oil, giving your face a brighter look and removes all tiredness and dullness from the face. Face care is about using the right herbal facial to brighten up your face. Herbal facial in grandma’s terms usually contains curd and gram flour. This is a naturally occurring beautifying agent.There are similar face pack products that contain organic materials alone all over the website.

Anti-tanning and Pigmentation

Since, everyone these days goes to work or go around in the sun more often, it is better to have herbal anti-tanning agents that keep your body and face from tanning and gives an even tone to the body.

Body Moisturizing and Feet Care

Body moisture is an essential part of maintaining proper body metabolism as completely dry skin is harmful to the body.  Proper moisturizing is extremely necessary to maintain proper body temperature and facilitate enough perspiration.

Feet often get cracked at the ends for those who do a lot of walking and this often leads to immense pain. At beauty parlors, they use a very painful technique to remove the cracks and synthetic products use so many synthesizers that these cracks start reappearing with even more density later. Therefore, it is best to go for organic foot care.

These are not the only types of beautifying techniques, click right here to know more and search through more of the most amazing natural and organic beauty products online.


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