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Beautiful face is what every girl aspires for but for that severe hard work and extra care is also necessary. Merely looking after the beauty and health of face skin and eyes is not the only task to be done but giving equal attention to your lips is also important. Lips are the most delicate part of your face and skin over the lips is the most delicate requiring proper moisture and care. Today the artificial lip balms and lip shades have made our naturally beautiful lips dark in color and chapped too. Chapped lips are the most common problem faced by many women. The only remedy for helping the rough lips is organic lip balms and lip butter. There is a huge range of organic products available to the people and containing right nutrients and moisture are very vital for your soft lips. There a slight difference between lip butter and lip balm i.e. lip butter are creamier using essential oils for providing the moisture to the lips but do not lasts long whereas lip balms have special naturally occurring ingredients for providing moisture to the lips and at the same time lasts for a long time.

Benefits of using varieties of Butter Products

  • Required Nutrition – Organic products have been known for great wonders of their properties over our skin. Time and again they have proved their superiority over the synthetic products. When it comes to the lips, obviously we need to be little extra careful to keep them soft and in natural rosy color. For this special lip butter products should be the preferable choice as they contain the natural nutrients of the butter with additional vitamins giving our lips right amount of vitamins needed. Organic Lip Butter has the shea butter which helps in keeping our lips supple and moreover they are free from all kinds of parabens and chemicals used for fragrance. The natural soothing fragrance of essential oils combined with 100% vegetarian ingredients provides the best moisturizer for the lips.

  • Skin Smoothening – The synthetic products are pure artificial as they contain various harmful chemicals and substances to the required compound which are seldom tested on poor animals thus torturing them. They hardly provide any moisture to the lips and do not even last for long. They can be used just for artificial beauty purpose but our natural lips need the pure and essential oils and extracts to keep its softness intact. The shea butter is very good for lips lightening the color as well as keeping it kissably soft to retain its beauty. Organic Lip Butter has been used and especially shea butter for keeping the lips moisturized and to heal them thus preventing any crack. Such amazing qualities of organic products have made them first choice and preferable over and above the synthetic products.

  • Protection from UV Rays –Lips are not damaged by the chemicals only but also by the harmful rays of sun against which the synthetic products fail to offer a protective layer. The UV rays are quite dangerous for the face as it tans a lot as well as for the lips because the burn the skin making it dark and look ruptured. To protect from this the synthetic products include harmful Zinc Oxide but the organic lip butter include shea butter, cocoa butter, and beeswax to as the pure ingredients with some aloe vera properties thus providing a strong protective shield against the sun. So the Lip Butter of Aloe Veda is quite good because they protect from dryness and cure the chapped lips thereby improving the hydration. It contains Pro-vitamin E which protects the lips against free radicals and sooth the lips making them juicy, supple and kissable and also retaining moisture in the winters.

Start looking over the health of your lips as every season demands a new cure. But be sure to stick to organic products for getting more benefit and getting beautifully soft lips with a tinge of rose color.


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