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What’s that smell! The pain though!

Due to its large exposure to harsh environment, feet suffer a whole lot.

  1. One of the most common problems is with the smell. Due to the bacteria accumulation, you turn yellow. Yuck!
  1. Excessive running or walking gives a lot of strain to muscles obviously.
  1. Bones in the leg are more prone to fractures. So keep safe!

Did you know? The first solution lies in your footwear!

Yes, managing footwear is no rocket science. Here are some tips to do so:

  1. Wash! Wash! Wash your socks regularly!
  1. Remove all dirt particles from your shoe or sandal. Dry them in the open if they are wet.
  1. Prefer a pure leather one. No matter that, quality must not be compromised.
  1. Wash your feet thoroughly as soon as you remove your footwear with soap.

 Do you know how much your feet suffer?

  1. No, you can’t keep them wet and damp at all. Fungal diseases like the Athlete's foot is always round the corner.
  1. If unhygienic, hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the feet waits to punish you.
  1. Gangrene affects the feet when they are injured and not medically treated.
  1. Pimples, acne spread all over due to infection.

The all-knowing guide to beautiful feet

Finally the holy answer has arrived! Follow these tips and love the sprawling feet you show!

  1. During bathing, prefer mild soaps. Strong ones can dehydrate the skin a lot.
  1. Bathing in hot water is the safest way to keep your feet from being in drought.
  1. We are blessed with natural exfoliates. Mechanical exfoliate can be used to scrub off dirt. Another way is to buy a scrub and use.

Let's start with our own foot scrub

Mix 1 helping Listerine, two helpings of water, and one helping of vinegar. Mix them and wash your feet with them. Then physical scrubbing gives the best results.

Load with the lotion! Just after a good time in the shower, apply a suitable soothing lotion and massage the heels, feet and the toes. Now they are young daisies! If the lotions cause you trouble, even vaseline is perfect to do the work.

  1. Aloe vera and palm creams refresh the skin and seal cracked heels. Before sleep, apply them and let them do their work.

  1. One dirty thing that can spoil your feet is the irritating toenails. Cut them regularly and then round. To prevent ingrown nails, soak your feet in water. Apply antiseptic to avoid infection. Even clean under the nails and curve the edges.
  1. For the ladies! Remember to avoid staining remove the nail polish before a maximum of two weeks.
  1. For avoiding aging, apply sunscreen to your feet.

Be independent now! Learn your own massage!

That friend of yours is lucky to get a massage from you! Well, talent just runs in you!

  1. Firstly, place him/her in an upright position with face up and feet rested on a sofa.
  1. Place a towel where the foot rests.
  1. Place the foot in hot water and add a few drops of essential oils. Dry the feet with a soft towel after its out.
  1. Apply creams and lotions.

That press! Be a professional reflexologist!

  1. Subject the heels to excessive rubbing.
  1. Punch the under of the feet.
  1. Pull the toes hard till they knuckle. 
  1. Hold the leg arch and the toes from the underside and conduct push and pull movements.

Magic potions for feet!

Careful! Guard them well! They are priceless!

Chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Eucalyptus induces that strong smell while being anti-bacterial. Dead sea salts keep the skin fresh and healthy.

Any body part functions best when it is at its freshest. And when they are used, even the whole body feels cozy. Love the machine you are given with. Move it, run it, and change the world.


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