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Bath salts easily dissolve in water which consists of mineral salts and glycerin. Mineral salts let's you explore the joy of bathing in bathtubs which lets you relax your body. Glycerin enhances your health and natural beauty of your physique. Bath salts comes in various fragrances and in elegant bottles and boxes.

Bath salts comes in various colors, textures and fragrances. They also come scented, plain, and herbal or with essential oil too. So choose your type of bath salt according to your mood and skin type. It should be one hundred percent natural and refreshing for your use. For instance, if you want to arouse your partner then choose red color salt. The salt color will change in the water because it is soluble to water quickly. Once you step in the bath tub you will get special vibes and you will get quality time with your partner. So create some romantic and unforgettable memories while bathing.

How to Use while bathing

Anyone can learn how to use bath salts while bathing because it is easy to use and reasonably priced.

  • Fill your tub about half at your desired level.
  • Take a spatter of bath salts and keep underneath your running faucet so that the salt will flow with it.
  • The hot water tub gets filled with fragrance of the salt.
  • Whirl the bath salt in the water well and let the scent spread in your stimulating bath tub.
  • Once the water and salt are mixed well, step into it and enjoy the magic of this style of bathing.

7 Reasons to bath with bath salts

  • Bath salts nourishes your skin, body, mind and health.
  • For an active yet energizing bath, always bath with the salts.
  • Pamper yourself with relaxing mode of bathing which helps you to forget your tensions and releases your stress. A total stress buster!
  • Rekindle your romance with your partner and enjoy hours of bathing.
  • Bath salts are one of the best methods to massage your muscles and skin.
  • For trouble-with-sleep people, drown yourself with the bath salt bathing and its minerals promise you a lovely good night sleep.
  • Why waste money on spa when you can create one yourself. DIY!

 Reflame your romance

There are some simple steps to have a passionate bath with your beloved partner

  • Take a handful of bath salt whether Epsom or citrus orange bathing salt.
  • You can add few drops of essential oil to in the tub.
  • Stir well in the water and decorate the place of your partner’s choice.
  • Surprise your partner with a pleasurable bath.
  • Relax and enjoy yourselves with its scent
  • Spend quality and endless hours together in each other’s sensual company.

Types of Bath Salts

  1. Lavender Bath Salt

Lavender Salt is specially used for clearing acne and reduces infections. It gives you relief with your muscle pains and headaches. Its aroma spreads such relaxing vibes that your body will release all its pain and aches. The fragrance of the salt promises you a soulful sleep. It is useful as therapy, relaxing and kid’s baths and also pedicure massage.

  1. Himalayan Pink Bath Salt

It is very famous in Tibet and North-east cities where it is believed that it is the purest crystallized salt ever found on this land. The mineral and purity content is high and the hues of pink, red and white makes it even more pure in form. Himalayan Pink Salt balances water content within our body cells and helps in proper functioning of our metabolism. It reduces muscles cramping and strengthens our bones. You and your spouse can strengthen your bodies together by the warmth of nature. A complete spa feeling right into your homes.

It can also be used as

  • Decorative items like lamps, bottles, containers and sprinkler in food too.
  • It mixes well with your aromatic essential oil and diffuser.
  • A good companion while you roast meat.

  1. Green Tea Mint Bath Salt

Both look tired from office and household works and all you want to do is- doze off. This will lead to less communication with each other which can bring strains in your relationship. Add little spark to your lives with green tea mint bathing salt. A great means of pampering yourself and finding me-time for yourself. Spark yours and your partner’s life with this sensational bath salt.

It creates mood and brings energy into your bodies. A perfect cleanser for your skin and you can apply as a mask too and rinse it with warm within 20 minutes of applying on your face.

  1. Jasmine & Mogra Bath Salt

Jasmine also known as mogra is called as mood-setter by newly married couples and by lovers.  The essence of jasmine reminds us of unforgettable nights which we have experienced or want to experience with our spouse soon. It's enticing scent makes a perfect mood in our bathing tubs with our spouse to make one of our nights with them.

Don’t wait for appointments for an expensive spa trips. Instead, create your own in your homes and pamper yourself and your partner with various fragrances and aromas of bath salts. 


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