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Choosing to colour your hair might seem like an easy task. But for finding the perfect colour for your hair, one needs to give consideration to many factors – skin tone, eye colour and natural hair colour. These colours come in many shades, and you need to pick the right hair colour for your hair. So choose a shade that complements your colouring type.

Considering your natural colour

The colour of your veins is a guide to whether your skin colouring is warm or cool. Stand in bright sunlight, hold out your palms and try to make out the colour of your wrist. If the veins there look blue then your undertone is cool; green veins signify warm undertone.

Why go for Natural Products

There are many reasons that one can find for using natural products instead of synthetic ones. The organic market has grown considerably. Use of natural hair colours minimises the risk of being exposed to harmful toxins as essential oils replace the synthetic ingredients. These products are also not tested on animals. Instead, these are time-tested plant-based products and hence, are cruelty-free.

Choosing the Right Colour for your Hair

  1. Burgundy hair colour

This colour suits best those who have cool skin tones since the hint of blue complements this skin tone. Women with dark or medium skin tones will also be able to carry off the burgundy colour with style but not the ones with light skin, who will look pale with this colour. If you look good in black, cobalt blue or pine green then go for burgundy for your hair.

There are many shades of burgundy that you can experiment with, plum burgundy, which is purpler than blue, wine burgundy – more red than purple, ombre burgundy and dark burgundy amongst many more shades available in the market.

  1. Going blonde

No matter what skin tone you have, but if you want a natural look to your hair, dye your hair only a few shades lighter than what your hair colour actually is.

Blond hair would go well with light or medium tone of the skin; naturally dark hair can be given ash-toned blonde shades; opt for cooler shades of blonde like sandy or ashy blonde if your skin tone has a pinkish hue; dark honey blonde would complement darker toned skin; medium skin would be complemented by golden or beige blonde, and if you are fair then choose golden shade.

Applying lemon juice to your hair and then hanging out in the sun would give your hair the sun-streaked look. Mixing chamomile tea with lemon juice and then heading out gives a lighter shade.

  1. Going brown

Brown is one colour which suits every skin type. It is also low on maintenance and the up keeping cost of brown hair is minimal.

Medium brown hair colours ranging from lighter to darker are great for those with yellow or sallow undertones. Dark colours complement those with olive skin tones and give them a natural look. Those with lighter skin tones can keep the brownish shade as close as is possible to their natural colour. Lighter strawberry highlights or warm red tones will complement this skin tone perfectly.

Soaking your hair in strong black tea or coffee gives a brownish shade to your hair. You can also make this tea from sage, rosemary and nettle and apply to your hair for the brown effect. You can try combining black walnut shell with henna to get a brownish effect.

  1. The Brunette colour

Black hair, the most dramatic and beautiful of all the colours, is best for dark or medium skin tones. Going for jet black colour needs confidence as this colour can be carried off by only the confident ones. Light skin tones would be best complemented by dark neutral tones bordering towards the dark brown. A shade that is dark brown and almost black is suited for medium skin tones while those with dark skin tones can go for black colours.

One can experiment with the many natural methods that are available for changing the colour of your hair. Experiment with the ratios and amounts and find out which colour suits you the best. At the end of the day, choosing the right hair colour for your hair will go a long way in giving your appearance a smart look.


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