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When it comes to skin care routine, the biggest (and perhaps the only) skin care we do is take a bath. Well, it cleanses the body! Oh yes, you also apply some cream one in a while. What more does the skin want? A lot! We should be thankful to our skin for going through so much every day, pollution, weather change, harsh chemicals, and what not, still no complaints about anything. Unless you are suffering from some kind of skin disease and do absolutely nothing to keep it healthy you should really be very very thankful for your skin. How do you thank your skin? By taking care of it! But who has the time to go to the spas every day! Yes, I know, you are super busy with everything you do. What if I tell you, that just making a couple changes in your bathing regime, you will be taking a lot more care of your skin. (Sounds like Pareto Analysis to me!) Read on to find out what you have to do.


So you take a bath every day and apply body lotion, which basically cleanses and moisturizes your skin. But there is one more important thing you should do your skin, exfoliate your skin. What does exfoliating mean, it means scrubbing off the dead skin cells from the body. Since you don’t have time to scrub your body every day, try one of the following and your skin will thank you back.


1. Scrub Soap


Scrub soap is like a regular soap, just a little rough to feel. But don’t worry it’s not actually rough on your skin, rather it is super easy to use and beneficial. Using a scrub soap, cleanses and exfoliates your body at the same time. Using this soap, you get the best of both the worlds, without changing much of your budget.


2. Loofah


Loofah is body wash’s best friend. If you use a body wash or shower gel, instead of a soap, half of your work is done. Instead of applying the gel with your hands, try using a loofah. Loofah is a small net-like porous bundle, which actually is a bundle of joy for your skin. It creates lots and lots of lather with just a couple of drops of your shower gel or body wash (saves the body wash!) and easily and evenly distributes it over the body. It not only helps to exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells, it also helps to keep the knees and elbows clean, without any added efforts.


3. Pumice Stone


Pumice stone is made out of dust from volcanic dust which consists highly vesicular textured glass, not always containing crystals. It is created when super-heated, highly pressured rock is ejected from a volcano. Pumice stone is great to clean and soften your cracked feet, the most neglected body part, our feet, crack due to dryness, lack of moisture, excessive pressure and above all lack of attention. Just soak the pumice stone in water when you switch on your geyser. Once you are in the bathroom, wash your feet, apply some soap and scrub it with the pumice stone. Wash the stone and hang to dry. It literally takes 5 minutes but makes a really great difference to your skin. If you are super busy, just follow the above instruction only once a week and you will never have cracked feet! Ever!


4. Facial Scrub


Just like a loofah, facial scrub works to exfoliate your facial skin. It is advisable to use a facial scrub on the face instead of loofah because facial skin is more sensitive and thus needs better care. You need facial scrub as it is softer than a loofah. Apply your face wash and scrub it with a facial scrub. This will wash off all the debris and blemishes.


5. Napkins


There is a reason what most of the facial towels are Turkish. The surface helps to remove the dead skin cells when you use a Turkish towel to dry your face and body. If you really don’t want to waste another minute in your bathing routine but still want to exfoliate your skin, there is no better method than replacing your regular towel with a Turkish one.


Caring for your skin isn’t that difficult, is it?


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