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Is there really any difference between the lip balms and lip butter? Although, both these beauty products protect the skin of lips and act as a good protective base for the lipstick to last long, there are many other qualities because of which both the products differ from each other. One of the prime difference between the lip balm and lip butter is that lip butter is creamier and incur the essential oils to serve the moisture to the skin of lips, but don’t last for long time. On the contrary, lip balms contain the ingredients which serve the moisture to the skin at the same time last for longer time.

How Lip Balms differ from Lip Butter?

Both these lip care products, lip balm and lip butter, are usually made using wax-based ingredients, but the base of both the products differ from each other. Lip butters have a texture that is full of moister, owing to the addition of natural and organic oils like extra virgin olive, avocado, apricots, jacho herbs etc. Lip butters claims to have ‘allantoin’ which helps to heals sores, irritations and wounds. Lip butters contain some special organic oils too such as, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and is also a recyclable product.

Lip balm on the other hand, is considered as a medicated ointment that can be used to resolve skin issues. Lip balm comes in the form of cylindrical shaped petroleum-based waxy lip gel and also in small round figured jars. There are varieties of effective lip balms which are made up of organic ingredients to soothe your chapped lips or sunburned lips. Some are made with the infusions of natural herbs like mint, Calendula and also contain Vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant. There are some other forms of lip balms which can prevent chapping and calm down the irritation on the lip skin through organic way. Lip balms also come in wide variety of flavored and non-flavored lip gels with different amounts of vitamins.


A glimpse of variety of both the products

Here are few different categories of lip balms and lip butters which provide their myriad of organic benefits with their own specifications and qualities. They are 100% organic and will provide the best care and protection for your lips.

These are the lip balms which are also known as kiss lip balms with the perfect combination of flowers and fruits. Its exotic flavor and fragrance of rose makes lips look gorgeous.

These kinds of lip balms are to serve proper moisture and hydration to the skin of the lips. These lip balms makes your lip smooth and silky with its softening oils and ingredients. These are the lip balms which are for both the genders of any generation.

These are the lip balms which come in the category of flavored lip balm. One can easily get good quality organic lip balms in different flavors at various stores. These lip balms contain oils and butter which helps in nourishing lips, to heal and to prevent cracks and makes them soft and supple.

Enriched with different kinds of oils and lots of shea butter, this kind of lip butter makes lips look hydrated and ensures its softness. These lip balms moisten the skin of lips as to protect them from winter season and serves nourishment to dry and chapped lips.

To prevent dryness, cracks and to give them a glossier look to your lips, buy organic lip balms and lip butter. Say goodbye to chapped and irritated lips with the help of organic products. Click here to get more details of various other lip balms and lip butter.


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